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help with alpha channels in max??
show user profile  aniworld
hi im new to max and have been trying out some tests with alpha channels but cant seem to get them working??
i think there may be some setting somewhere i need to change because ive tried what everyone else seems to be doing?
also i would like to find a way to reset my materials default from Arch & Design to standard?
any help would be greatly received :)

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3/23/2009 3:49:26 PM (last edit: 3/23/2009 4:57:16 PM)
show user profile  flyboy9999
Hi Aniworld,

It's quite simple :

in your material slot under "diffuse" you choose whatever bitmap you want
in the "opacity" slot you put your bitmap (texture) that will serve as opacity
When using a material in the opacity slot bear the following in mind
White will show up in rendering wich means no transparancy
black will be reffered as invincible and will not show up in rendering

here are some tutorials wich explain texture mapping and the use of materials :

This link will provide you with enough insight to help you further :

Good luck :-)
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3/24/2009 7:52:26 AM (last edit: 3/24/2009 7:52:26 AM)
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