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Help with a uni project, memory issues
show user profile  SimonB
Hi, my first post here, im currently coming to an end of my 3rd year at uni doing architecture, im trying to finish of a model I have been making in Max. Im not really too hot on max but can do bits and pieces.

Part of my model features 7 structures, very similar to construction cranes, I modelled this with just lots of boxes and cyclinders and copying each section several times and then finally grouping them all together. The final model of this really starts to slow down max when it is duplicated 7 times, also when I try and render with a skylight and shadows turned on I get a message something along the lines of, advanced raytracer shadows ran out of memory.

I have tried using the cranes file as an xref into a file with the rest of the model but this does not seem to really help either.

The below picture is the only one I had on me at work but shows the cranes to the right, could anybody take a look at them and tell me if there is a way to make them one shape that wouldn't use up so many resources or something? Looking at some of the work on here im sure what I have done cant really be maxing out the program. What am I doing wrong?

My computer is dual core, 4gb ram so I dont think thats the problem.

Many Thanks for any help.

read 701 times
4/8/2008 2:51:04 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 2:51:04 AM)
show user profile  maxwin
i would think that you have run out of memory, the scene looks pretty crowded. u could render out a single crane thing and make duplicates in photoshop.
or you could render out the cranes individually and composite them into a single image

read 693 times
4/8/2008 3:02:04 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 3:03:35 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
If all 'cranes' are the exact same model then when you clone them choose 'instance' instead of copy, this will be easier on the system, dont join/group them together afterwards, leave them separated.

Are you using the scanline renderer? if so dont turn shadows on the skylight, use lighttracer instead, adding shadows to the skylight whacks up the rendertimes massively

read 684 times
4/8/2008 3:21:59 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 3:21:59 AM)
show user profile  SimonB
Thanks for the replies,

maxwin, thats kind of the method I used to create that picture above, its just a bit of a pain doing it in that method.

Mr G. I shall try the instance instead of copy and if I ungroup everything that should work better? Im not sure if im using the scanline renderer, how would I know? lighttracer is an option under advanced lighting tab in render options is it? I'm at work at the moment so trying to think from top of my head.


read 679 times
4/8/2008 3:29:06 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 3:29:06 AM)
show user profile  SimonB
By the way, the above image is largely photoshopped incase anybody thought the problems may be to rendering grass and trees etc
read 673 times
4/8/2008 3:45:05 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 3:45:05 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
ungrouping it wont help you at the mo, you will need to remove all the current replicas and make them fresh from the master crane, and yeah lighttracer is in the advanced lighting tab, you might not need the default 250 samples, so try it on 125 and see how good the effect is, (the higher the number the better the quality of the occluded shadows)

read 666 times
4/8/2008 3:49:23 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 3:49:23 AM)
show user profile  SimonB
Great thanks for that, have to sit through work all day itching to get home and have a play now!
read 652 times
4/8/2008 4:18:23 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 4:18:23 AM)
show user profile  cadmonkey33
the cranes dont look that heavy geometry wise. just check you havent got more sides / subdivisions on your cylindersthan you need. and instance everything you can.
that honeycombe structure above looks pretty heavy tho. i cant really see what it is, do you have a turbosmooth on it or something?

Nat Saiger.

read 624 times
4/8/2008 7:24:49 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 7:24:49 AM)
show user profile  SimonB
The crane is built up of a basic square module then copied several times for the verticle and then a smaller version for the horizontal beam. If I made each of these an instance of the bottom module instead of a copy and then each crane an instance as well then that should help a lot?

The honeycombe structure was just a plane that I converted to editable mesh and then using soft selection I pulled bits down, I then gave it a material that had the wire box ticked. I dont know if that was the best way to make such a thing? Basicly supposed to be a metal mesh that had been stretched down in places
read 616 times
4/8/2008 7:36:47 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 7:36:47 AM)
show user profile  cadmonkey33
id guess that the honeycombe structure is the problem, it's got way more subdivisions than neccessary. id go for 1/4 the amount, or less even.

Nat Saiger.

read 607 times
4/8/2008 7:47:45 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 7:47:45 AM)
show user profile  SimonB
You may be right and ill have a check tonight, but I dont think it is the mesh causing the problems, max seems fine handling them. I have a file which is just the cranes when I was seeing if it made a difference them as an xref in a scene and I was still having the problems without that mesh.
read 603 times
4/8/2008 7:53:19 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 7:53:19 AM)
show user profile  Idiotforaliving
whats with the grass? Do you use big textures?

read 602 times
4/8/2008 7:55:24 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 7:55:24 AM)
show user profile  SimonB
No, sorry I should have got a better image to show, but as I said above the grass and trees and stuff are all photoshopped in. It was the only image I had with me at work
read 596 times
4/8/2008 8:15:58 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 8:15:58 AM)
show user profile  SimonB
Thanks for your responses today. I've managed to redo the scene doing it the way suggested in here but now im having another error when I go to render. I have the skylight shadows turned off and the lighttracer samples to 125. When I go to render after about 5mins before its started doing any actual rendering I get a message 'There isnt enough memory for the raytracer to build its acceleration data structure. Render is being aborted. I had windows task manager open whilst it was trying to render and the memory for max rose to ~1.5gb before aborting.

Any ideas on this? I shall try and get a basic render of the scene without the photoshoped stuff in the above image to clarify whats being rendered.

read 562 times
4/8/2008 4:10:23 PM (last edit: 4/8/2008 4:10:23 PM)
show user profile  SimonB
Ok heres a couple of renders with no skylight and no advanced lighting. If it comes to it I can do all the renders I need in this way it just means more photoshop work later, so ideally I'd like to get it working with a bit of nice lighting.

read 551 times
4/8/2008 4:41:35 PM (last edit: 4/8/2008 4:41:35 PM)
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