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Need help following a Character Rigging tutorial!
show user profile  ShurikenUK
Hi, I've just been following a tutorial showing you how to rig a character using the standard bones system (not Biped). The tutorial makes use of some pretty complex techniques that I've never used before, such as "IK Solvers", "custom parameters", and the "Reaction Manager", and things are beginning to get pretty hard to stay on top of. I've managed to follow the tutorial fine, up until the pont where it asks you to do something, and Max just isn't letting me do what the tutorial says.

This is the tutorial I'm trying to follow, and the specific part of it I'm stuck at:-

You'll see my comments listed under "NCShuriken", which will give you further information on my problems.

So far I've done this:-

1. Created an IK Chain on each leg, consisting of 2 "IK HI-Solvers" (One for the leg, one for the foot, with no toe bone), linked together to form the chain.

2. Created a "Control shape" under the foot bone and linked it to the final Solver in the chain for both chains. I called it "Control_foot". One for left, one for right.

3. Opened the "Parameter Editor" and created a parameter for the "Control_Foot" shape called "Foot Curl", with a range of 0-90.

4. Opened the "Reaction Manager" and clicked "Add Master", then clicked the "Control Foot" shape--->Custom Attributes--->"Foot Curl". This creates a new line in the Reactions list called "Control_L_Foot / Foot_Curl"

5. Selected both of the IK Solvers for the one leg, then clicked "Add Selected"--->"Transform"--->"IK Goal"--->"Rotation"--->"X Rotation". This creates a new line in the "States List" called "State001", with 2 sublines under this list, AND the "Reactions List" called "IK Chain002 / X Rotation" & "IK Chain003 / X Rotation" (it says 2 and 3 because for some reason the numbering between the 2 legs is messed up. I created the solvers for one leg at a time, although the numbering suggests that I created the solvers between legs, randomly.

(By now my brain is starting to get pretty close to dangerous temperatures)

6.Clicked "Create Mode" then clicked on the IK Chain for that leg. Next, I changed the "Custom Parameter-Foot Curl" to 60.

7.Next, we are asked to click one of the IK Solvers for the foot (I only have one IK for the foot, since there are no toe bones, just a foot bone and a foot nub), and rotate that IK by about 45 degrees along the X axis. Well here is where I have a problem. I cant rotate that IK by ANY degrees whatsoever. The strange thing, is that I CAN rotate it along any OTHER axis, but not the one I'm supposed to rotate it on. Its almost as if the X axis is locked for some unknown reason.

Basically now, I've come to a complete dead end and my progress has ground to a holt. I really want to continue rigging my character, and I'm finding this a really interesting learning experience. I've rigged characters before using the Biped system, which is FAR simpler than this technique, but everything I've done today is completely new territory for me, I've never touched any of these alien tools before and at points I was EXTREMELY confused. I like the idea of IK chains though, and I had some fun messing with the results of even the most simple "knee joint" IK solver.

I hope someone with experience in this field can help me out, and get me back on track so I can continue following this tutorial and get my character fully rigged and ready for animation!!

Thanks in advance to anyone who could be bothered to read all this, and share the knowledge with an up and coming animator!
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12/18/2011 2:37:39 AM (last edit: 12/18/2011 2:37:39 AM)
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