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Help with 3ds max and polygon manipulation
show user profile  Nudist
Could someone help. I am using 3ds max 2008. Created a box primitive and its the one object on the canvas. Applied 'edit mesh'. Make subselection element then clicked on object. Coloured red then click subselection/ Polygon. Then applied Surface Properties/ Flip. This should have flipped the box so I should be looking at the inside of the box.. But all that's happening is the box goes black but not flipped. However if I go to render the screen, it shows correctly in the Render preview. What have i missed?
read 573 times
4/26/2008 2:39:06 AM (last edit: 4/26/2008 2:39:06 AM)
show user profile  bonzepeet
I'm going to take a guess, as I'm still on Max 9 but try going into:

Customize menu > Preferences > Preference Settings dialog > Viewports tab

In 'Viewport parameters' uncheck 'Backface Cull on Object Creation'. It won't make a difference to your current box but if you start from scratch now, you should see it behave as you'd expect it to in the viewports when flipping normals.

From Max 9 onwards all polys display doublesided even when they're not, so this should help if that's actually your problem.

Good luck!

read 568 times
4/26/2008 2:54:58 AM (last edit: 4/26/2008 2:54:58 AM)
show user profile  Nudist
Thanks It worked. There sure are a lot of settings in this package. Not sure why that option is useful
read 555 times
4/26/2008 3:22:10 AM (last edit: 4/26/2008 3:22:10 AM)
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