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gpu farm for cgi interiors
show user profile  debodeebs
As above is a gpu farm pointless for interiors or general production renders? I understand that gpu farms would benefit for animations, don't want to waste money if not needed.


read 955 times
12/5/2014 10:58:20 AM (last edit: 12/5/2014 10:58:20 AM)
show user profile  zeefusion
Rendering interiors on the GPU is slow and takes just as long clearing up noise as the traditional way due to the calculation of bounced light. A biased method is more suited for this such as IR + LC in V-Ray. That said I know Chaos Group (not sure about iray are developing LC for V-ray RT specifically to tackle this issue.

GPU rendering is fast and great for product shots but for interiors you need to invest heavily in multiple GPU set ups which can get expensive. Either a single Workstation that is capable of housing multiple GPU's or having multiple workstations with single GPU's inside.

If the later, you might as well invest in i7's as you will get much faster results. Plus not everything is supported in GPU rendering yet. We have tried many times rendering on the GPU and for interiors it doesn't work unless you optimise it for GPU, which takes time and unfortunately clients don't pay for tinkering :(
read 947 times
12/5/2014 11:20:31 AM (last edit: 12/5/2014 11:21:06 AM)
show user profile  debodeebs
thanks zee, also what I should of mentioned was would multiple gpu's benefit on just previewing the scene as fast as possible rather then keep waiting for the scene to render and leave the final render down to the CPU, I used to own 2x gtx 560 ti's and was basically rubbish when previewing scenes however I now own 2x titans black but not setup yet as was thinking on getting 2 more.


read 942 times
12/5/2014 12:06:24 PM (last edit: 12/5/2014 12:06:24 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
For previewing, yes its a great. We use RT all the time (GTX TITAN's). A GTX 560 ti is a pretty poor GPU for this type of work I doubt its much faster than an i7.

The TITAN is an all round great choice as its fast and has a lot of memory.
read 938 times
12/5/2014 12:15:31 PM (last edit: 12/5/2014 12:15:31 PM)
show user profile  debodeebs
Ok great, thanks for that

read 936 times
12/5/2014 12:19:27 PM (last edit: 12/5/2014 12:19:27 PM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
If you're going the farm route, gtx 970's currently hold the best value from nvidia (over double that of the titan) and the 8gb version should be out within a couple of weeks. I wouldn't know how that plays with aggregated renders though.

read 906 times
12/5/2014 11:16:56 PM (last edit: 12/5/2014 11:16:56 PM)
show user profile  debodeebs
Any difference in the 2 stabby?
read 887 times
12/6/2014 2:57:21 PM (last edit: 12/6/2014 2:57:21 PM)
show user profile  debodeebs
wouldnt the gtx 690 benefit more then the titan or 970 with it being nearly a thousand more cuda cores?
read 866 times
12/6/2014 9:40:51 PM (last edit: 12/6/2014 9:40:51 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
the GTX 690 is only 2GB memory per GPU. If you don't plan on rendering scenes that use more than 2GB memory then sure it is faster. From my experience you need at last 4GB to cover most scenes.
read 849 times
12/7/2014 12:24:04 PM (last edit: 12/7/2014 12:27:58 PM)
show user profile  debodeebs
Seems as tho the 980 ti is 50 percent more powerful then the titan black with even an extra 2gb vram so looking forward to getting 2 of these instead of another 2 titans but is it December or February for the release date grrr
read 824 times
12/8/2014 7:26:27 PM (last edit: 12/8/2014 7:26:27 PM)
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