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Geometric/Deformable- Bomb
show user profile  Lannabulls
Windows 7 64 bit, Max 2013
sorry for my very stupid question,
look please at the 2 photos:

I would like to apply a bomb modifier "Geometric/Deformable- Bomb" to my object,
In photo 1 I go to menu "Geometric/Deformable- Bomb" (in red) I click in my canvas and there I have my bomb. The bomb parameters display properly (in blue)

Photo 2 above , if I right click in my canvas and or I click the move tool to place the bomb in the correct place, the bomb parameters menu is gone, (red cross) no way to make it display.
Could you please teach me what I'm doing wrong? I'm feel so stupid, since yesterday I was working fine with the bomb modifier an now this stupid problem! May I mistakly click some button that doesn't allow the menu display as it should be?
Please help
Thanks a lot!
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