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LOT's of free textures :O (share your links?)
show user profile  StevegeK
Hey, came across this site:

damn lotsa textures, I can't beat that :P They'r offering all their cd's for free download... nice :)

ow btw I dont know these guys so this is not advertisement :P

My Free Textures!
My Portfolio

My photolog.

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8/30/2006 8:40:14 AM (last edit: 8/30/2006 8:40:14 AM)
show user profile  urgaffel

Awesomeness. Unfortunately awesomness is limited to 30Mb/day if I understand correctly.

read 1220 times
8/30/2006 8:57:28 AM (last edit: 8/30/2006 8:57:37 AM)
show user profile  loki

read 1210 times
8/30/2006 9:05:07 AM (last edit: 8/30/2006 9:05:07 AM)
show user profile  modena_Art_3

read 1204 times
8/30/2006 9:10:41 AM (last edit: 8/30/2006 9:10:41 AM)
show user profile  StevegeK
haha thanks Loki :)

My Free Textures!
My Portfolio

My photolog.

read 1177 times
8/30/2006 12:48:42 PM (last edit: 8/30/2006 12:48:42 PM)
show user profile  killerbee2

read 1159 times
8/30/2006 1:33:28 PM (last edit: 8/30/2006 1:33:46 PM)
show user profile  StevegeK
By the way, most textures I see don't tile.... I rarely use non-tilable textures.... whats your opinions about this?

My Free Textures!
My Portfolio

My photolog.

read 1152 times
8/30/2006 1:38:20 PM (last edit: 8/30/2006 1:38:20 PM)
show user profile  STRAT


read 1149 times
8/30/2006 1:40:00 PM (last edit: 8/30/2006 1:40:00 PM)
show user profile  killerbee2
don't be lazy, open photoshop and start painting untill you got a nice tileable texture.

read 1140 times
8/30/2006 2:05:38 PM (last edit: 8/30/2006 2:05:38 PM)
show user profile  feralghost74
had to put this one in
"My heart and my soul are not for sale at any price, but you can have my rage and venom for free."

read 1136 times
8/30/2006 2:09:01 PM (last edit: 8/30/2006 2:09:01 PM)
show user profile  Setherial
tilable textures are textures that have been fucked with until they became useless.

just my opinion of course
read 1106 times
8/31/2006 4:55:34 AM (last edit: 8/31/2006 4:55:34 AM)
show user profile  StevegeK
hm okay, but if you have a wall of let's say a verrrrrrrryyyy large appartment building, then you use a 910921 X 239039 texture map?

My Free Textures!
My Portfolio

My photolog.

read 1100 times
8/31/2006 5:06:04 AM (last edit: 8/31/2006 5:06:04 AM)
show user profile  Dub.
Tilable textures are awesome

I should do a tut on my method of tiling textures

read 1096 times
8/31/2006 5:08:34 AM (last edit: 8/31/2006 5:08:34 AM)
show user profile  jonnybravo_87
you should :P White Death

read 1074 times
8/31/2006 7:28:41 AM (last edit: 8/31/2006 7:28:41 AM)
show user profile  markoid
Yeh go on... I dare ya!

Seriously though it would be useful for noobs...and old people :)

read 1070 times
8/31/2006 7:37:42 AM (last edit: 8/31/2006 7:39:35 AM)
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