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Freaking Grimlins are extruding both ends! of a box I set on Path Deform
show user profile  CBn3D
I placed a box on a path with Path Deform. I animated the percentage over the path as well as the lengh so as it progresses down the path it also grows from the starting point.

When adding to the length of a box, how do I get it to increase in length from one end only?

UPDATE: It looks like the only tangent that expands from one end only is the Y or the height
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7/30/2013 8:42:05 PM (last edit: 7/30/2013 9:02:42 PM)
show user profile  Joey Parker Jr.
If you're using an actual box primitive and not an editable poly you should position to use the height because of the location of the pivot. Use stretch to grow from starting point.
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7/31/2013 3:02:48 AM (last edit: 7/31/2013 3:20:38 AM)
show user profile  CBn3D
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8/1/2013 2:13:46 PM (last edit: 8/1/2013 2:13:46 PM)
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