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Flex: many References and ends
show user profile  dj_robot
Hi everybody. I was wondering. I'm working with flex and from one frame to the next one my character NEEDS to continually jump in the world when I change from one camera to another (for staging porpouses, you know) and that causes the flex effect to follow the jump (well, I guess that's the original idea of flex, right?). Flex hair has fitted nicely in my project but animation and particle calculations are already done and it would be too much work to split them now just for the hair and so would be to adjust it's values manually in EVERY shot of the project with each character.

I wast thinking that there might be a way to input several reference and end values in the "advanced parameters" dialog of the tool. Does anybody have an idea of how to do that?

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2/1/2011 7:08:14 PM (last edit: 2/1/2011 7:08:14 PM)
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