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How to fix geometry after rig, skin, texture, animation all complete
show user profile  Vimalakirti
Hi guys,

I have a character that I made and finally imported into my beloved Unity game engine and a polygon disappeared. I realized that it had five sides (GASP!) and that's a 'no no' so so... I want to know know how I can fix it without losing my skinning work. I know I can duplicate the bugger and use skin utilities, but I'm not sure if I'll lose any animation work, and well...



Is there a simple modifier I can put on top o' me stack, matey? Something fine and clear like a filtered ale? Or do I need to bite the musket ball, roll in a fresh barrel of stout and click away til the mornin watch comes on?


After carefully looking through the names of the possible modifiers in the modifier list I found one called "Edit Mesh." Being not just a sassy laddie but a smart cookie, I thought that particular one might help me Edit my Mesh. It did, and now I have a less than 5 - sided polygon, but alas, still no luck in Unity. Now my two 3 - sided polys are still invisible and I am off to smash my head against the wall and ask questions on another forum.

Sorry for the fuss.
read 544 times
6/10/2010 10:30:46 PM (last edit: 6/10/2010 10:53:39 PM)
show user profile  horizon
Duplicate, reset X-form, collapse, re-skin, try again.
Well... you might wanna try before re-skinning. And before skinning at all in the future.

And can you show me how you turned a 5 sided poly into two 3-sided ones :P

read 507 times
6/13/2010 6:03:52 AM (last edit: 6/13/2010 6:03:52 AM)
show user profile  Vimalakirti
"And can you show me how you turned a 5 sided poly into two 3-sided ones :P "


5 sided turns into a 3-sided and a 4-sided!
read 493 times
6/13/2010 7:22:46 PM (last edit: 6/13/2010 7:22:46 PM)
show user profile  austkl1
"Being not just a sassy laddie but a smart cookie"
Lol.. I like that..
read 490 times
6/13/2010 7:44:15 PM (last edit: 6/13/2010 7:44:15 PM)
show user profile  JonathanH
You could try cloning the model, removing the skinning from the clone, fixing the geometry (how you maintain the UVs is up to you), using the Skin Wrap modifier to conform the new, fixed mesh to the deformation (animation) of the old one, then using the "Convert to Skin" button in the Skin Wrap modifier, which should convert it back to a Skin mod that game engines can recognise.

Fuck knows if it'll actually work, of course.

read 485 times
6/13/2010 8:02:59 PM (last edit: 6/13/2010 8:02:59 PM)
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