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Fish rig
show user profile  Master_Soda
I am working now on this model :

all the maps are done and the bones are in place, the only problem is I don't know how to make them work right , that's how it looks :

description (in case I not doing it right):
there are a spline constrained to the bones,the red helpers are constrained to the spline and the small bones constrained to the red helpers, the skin goes on this bones.

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8/21/2012 6:41:13 PM (last edit: 8/21/2012 6:41:13 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
Spline is the way to go. Having said that, it's very tricky. I swear I provided you with links to CG Academy's rigging a spine tutorial. Youtube it, there's SOOOO many steps to getting it right, I don't think you'd get all the answers here.

Of course, if there's an easy way to do it without a spline, I'm pretty interested.
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8/21/2012 7:07:13 PM (last edit: 8/21/2012 7:07:13 PM)
show user profile  Master_Soda
yes I watched the parts 1,2 and 3 from the link you provided me.


but what I am asking about here (forgot to mention) is how I can make a bone folder to both sides L\R and not up and down .
when I used HD solver it seemed to be working but I couldn't move the whole thing without messing everything , High IK doesn't work so now I use IK limb solver but stil I don't get what I need from it.

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8/21/2012 7:37:55 PM (last edit: 8/21/2012 7:37:55 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
Tricky. I think it's something about setting your upnode of the bones. If you go to Character -> Bone tools, and turn on front fins you'll see which way your bones are orientated. You'd want the front fin to be pointing left or right. Here's some pics:

Now set an HI IK solver (BTW "HI" stands for history independent). Make a dummy and align it to the same height as the IK. Then...

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8/21/2012 8:13:42 PM (last edit: 8/21/2012 8:13:42 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
Just remembered. I rigged a fish a while back and got it's tail to animate pretty quickly

Bad news first: Delete your rig.

Good news: CAT has a lizard preset for one of it's CATParents. Delete the arms and legs and you've got a pretty handy fish rig. Pose it and skin it.

Really good news: You can set up a "Walk Cycle" to make the tail animate how you like automatically.

[edit] You have to choose the "marine" preset found under CAT rigs, or something like, that to get the tail controls. Look around, you should find it.

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8/21/2012 10:16:18 PM (last edit: 8/21/2012 10:18:45 PM)
show user profile  Master_Soda
Its too late for that , made it work with bones and splines not so successful but it works.
only one little problem , used a custom parameter for the swivel angle and it doesn't get key frames,
may be I should keep CAT to the next model , I am think maybe I should make a cat.

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8/21/2012 10:54:19 PM (last edit: 8/21/2012 10:54:19 PM)
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