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show user profile  STRAT
right, been dabbling with this for months, but DESPERATELY need basics info on how to use it. some questions for someone who knows it intimately? it's REALLY pissing me off.


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1/2/2014 11:44:34 AM (last edit: 1/2/2014 11:44:34 AM)
show user profile  Lazmo67
It's simple. First you post lots of embarrassing pictures of yourself, preferably drunk. then post status reports venting all your personal problems, slagging off people or, worse, things like: I'm really hungover." "Mildly racist opinions" or general moaning. Top it off by posting stuff about how much better you are than everyone one you went to school with "just bought a new porsche"

That should do it. At least that seems to be the case with a lot of people I know.

Seriously though. what's pissing you off?

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1/2/2014 12:13:48 PM (last edit: 1/2/2014 12:13:48 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
Only 2 things you need to know:
1. Upping your privacy settings to max.
2. Learning how to put people on silent.
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1/2/2014 12:17:20 PM (last edit: 1/2/2014 12:17:20 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
1) i signed up and immediately created a business or 'page' for myself. searchable as but it also made me make a profile too. but i never use this, i only use myself as

but how do i post comments or do 'likes' on people's pages (like my wife's or bro's) with this? only switching to my profile page seems to let me do this, which i dont want to use. i only want to use my 'page' persona.


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1/2/2014 12:17:52 PM (last edit: 1/2/2014 12:36:19 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
can i only post on people's pages and like on them if im an invited friend only?


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1/2/2014 1:06:22 PM (last edit: 1/2/2014 1:06:22 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
I think so. Though you can reply to strangers who happen to be friends with one of your friends if one of your friends posts a comment and their friend replies to... if that makes sense.

Actually, I never use it myself since it's pretty shit, so I don't know why I'm even providing (probably dodgy) advice.
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1/2/2014 1:13:17 PM (last edit: 1/2/2014 1:13:17 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
i'm thinking of completely erasing all trace of myself from FB, waiting 2 weeks or so for it all to go through, then sign up again with only my personal persona, and use that as my business page as well and not a separate 'page' which in essence is only a splash screen advert i cant interact on other pages with.

i notice ronnie has 2 separate pages, but i think they're both personal pages rather than business pages, which you can do of course.


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1/2/2014 1:13:32 PM (last edit: 1/2/2014 1:14:40 PM)
show user profile  Lazmo67
It depends on the level of someone's privacy settings as to whether you can like or post on their pictures etc. For example "only friends" can post on my pictures not "friends of friends" Also different rules for groups and, I assume, pages you've created rather than your own personal page.

If you filter out all the crap (and there's alot of it) it's a useful site. Good for keeping in touch with people or relatives who live abroad, all my climbing trips are organised through our group, Liked pages throw up some interesting posts but as a marketing tool I have no idea how well it works.
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1/2/2014 1:50:29 PM (last edit: 1/2/2014 1:50:29 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
fuck it, all deactivated. will start again from scratch in a couple of weeks.


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1/2/2014 2:08:08 PM (last edit: 1/2/2014 2:08:08 PM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
It is a pita tbh. I set up a page for one of my music alias` and struggled to figure out what was what. The support is ridiculously poor also, with such a huge userbase you are pretty much relying on other users to provide support and answers about stuff. Good luck, it`s an ever-changing, quirky and in some cases poorly-implemented minefield of joy.

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1/2/2014 2:41:23 PM (last edit: 1/2/2014 2:41:46 PM)
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