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Exporting DAE with Texture
show user profile  Rhysshyk
I need to export a dae with texture for an augmented reality app, but google has told me this is not something Max 2012 does by default. I looked at some plug-ins and downloaded the OpenCOLLADA for Max and Maya from Khronosgroup, but found nothing about how to use/install it or if it's even what I actually need.
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8/6/2012 6:42:06 PM (last edit: 8/6/2012 6:42:06 PM)
show user profile  horizon
If dae files can store image data, I'm not aware of that option. Are you sure you can't use standard image file types?

I'm also not sure if autodes dae and openCollada dae are identical now, but I used OpenCOLLADA plugin for max 2009 where autodesk dae was not similar, but ever since I got Max 2012 I export dae directly from max and have no problems using it in our game engine.

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8/6/2012 9:18:07 PM (last edit: 8/6/2012 9:18:07 PM)
show user profile  Dave
We sometimes use OpenCOLLADA at work, as for installing... I literally only remember an .exe, and that was that. "Using" it is as simple as going to File > Export and selecting it from the list.

As for getting textures to work, have you tried just placing the texture file in with the .dae file? I've never known COLLADA to bake textures into the export, or even export the textures out in the same directory buuuut you should be able to manually place the texture "somewhere" and it will find it.

I've never really looked into it from a technical stand point, I just throw exports and textures into directories, and our tech team handles how they work together.

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8/6/2012 9:35:55 PM (last edit: 8/6/2012 9:35:55 PM)
show user profile  Rhysshyk
I'm having the same issue. I'm not all that export-savvy and a lot of this isn't making much sense at the moment. Maybe I need some coffee. Here's a little background if it might help? When I test the models (exported as 3ds) in Unity and throw the textures on, everything maps perfectly, although it looks dingy like it's been through the apocalypse (or an fps game engine.) However, when we open the (dae) models in Vivaty Studio and apply the textures, it doesn't recognize coordinates and looks like it has tried to use my baked texture to wrap a present.

Edit: .wrl is what is being tested in Vivaty Studio. Retracting my question until I get the right info from boss man and I can ask the right one.
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8/7/2012 6:20:36 PM (last edit: 8/7/2012 6:22:22 PM)
show user profile  horizon
Can you apply some kind of procedural material in that Vivaty thingy to see if the coordinates actually survived the export?

Also have you checked in the export options if any UVW options are unchecked?

Still seems it's not a texture problem, it's the coordinates

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8/8/2012 8:54:26 PM (last edit: 8/8/2012 8:54:26 PM)
show user profile  3dben
When I exported from Max using the "Autodesk Collada" (*DAE) format my model did not open in the STK game engine. To solve this and other conversion problems we purchased Okino, PolyTrans which comes with a free converter add-on for OSG/IVE and Collada. Problem solved.
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12/11/2013 6:57:26 PM (last edit: 12/11/2013 6:57:26 PM)
show user profile  gogodr
you dont export the texture with the DAE.
you link the texture files in the DAE.
I actually know very well the collada structure (I programmed an OpenGL DAE importer for the Blackberry Playbook like a year ago)

the dae is just a text file, you can open it with notepad (though i recommend using notepad++ or sublime text)

you will see the structure there.

for the textures init_from you can use relative paths like

also, there are many versions of COLLADA
you might want to look up which one your engine supports.

I also did some 3D for ThreeJS and they only supported an old structure generated by "Feeling ColladaMax v3.05B" which is a legacy plugin

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beautiful ;3

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12/11/2013 9:17:37 PM (last edit: 12/11/2013 9:21:07 PM)
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