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Can some one explain this - MailChimp API
show user profile  zeefusion

I got an email saying that API will no longer be used. First off I don't even know what that is and secondly how do I make sure I am using the new things. What ever that is.
read 524 times
11/15/2011 10:31:28 PM (last edit: 11/15/2011 10:31:28 PM)
show user profile  Kajico
If all you're doing is using mailchimp's smtp servers in whatever php script you're using, you're fine. The API is for the managed newsletters that mailchimp provides and ways to integrate and manage the mailing list programmaticly

(\/) (°,,,°) (\/) Woop woop woop!

read 518 times
11/15/2011 10:45:10 PM (last edit: 11/15/2011 10:45:10 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
I use it in a widget for wordpress, it collects subscribers for a mailing list. So I think I need to do something.
read 502 times
11/16/2011 9:32:07 AM (last edit: 11/16/2011 9:32:07 AM)
show user profile  Kajico
Check with the widget developer to make sure he's using the latest api version.

(\/) (°,,,°) (\/) Woop woop woop!

read 493 times
11/16/2011 2:15:56 PM (last edit: 11/16/2011 2:15:56 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
Do I then need to get a new API? is it still API but just a new version of API?
read 486 times
11/16/2011 2:22:34 PM (last edit: 11/16/2011 2:22:34 PM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss
As I understand it. An API is a way for software developers to interface with the mailchimp system. So you don't need to worry about it, amusing like Kajico suggests that the plugin developer is using the latest version.

read 480 times
11/16/2011 2:54:14 PM (last edit: 11/16/2011 2:54:14 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
Great, thanks! :)
read 474 times
11/16/2011 3:05:25 PM (last edit: 11/16/2011 3:05:25 PM)
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