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Anyone have experience with OpenSceneGraph (.osg) / engine integration / exporting etc.
show user profile  LionDebt
Client currently uses this format but they don't really know the limitations/advantages of this format. They are considering doing a feasability study into other formats/engines, but would ideally like to stay with .osg.

Does anyone here have experience with .osg?

One area we're particularly interested in exploring is dynamic lighting, shadows, reflections etc (ie. a daylight system handled by the engine). As the current workflow involves lighting the scene in max then providing two .osg files (a day render and a night render). But this is slightly counterproductive - if the engine can handle the lighting for us.

edit: silly me, checked through the documentation etc... previously I was looking at their old wiki which was a hornets nest of dated information - found their official documentation this time around...
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5/19/2013 12:02:37 PM (last edit: 5/19/2013 12:05:54 PM)
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