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How to make the exact shape like the Reference Image
show user profile  sahibzada
Hey guys i m trying to make
The paper thingy lol but mine is like this

Then applied edit poly and moved some edges to make some crease.
read 352 times
12/7/2013 10:53:07 AM (last edit: 12/7/2013 10:53:07 AM)
show user profile  Sangre
For me it looks like a cone with some tweaks:

read 343 times
12/7/2013 11:23:45 AM (last edit: 12/7/2013 11:23:45 AM)
show user profile  sahibzada
Ty for replying man, it worked.
read 333 times
12/7/2013 1:15:19 PM (last edit: 12/7/2013 1:15:19 PM)
show user profile  LOL500
I didn't know newspapers were clean enough to hold fries.
read 324 times
12/7/2013 2:26:48 PM (last edit: 12/7/2013 2:26:48 PM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
They weren't years ago and the print would come out on the chips. Nowadays the ink is different and doesn't come off because of this. I have never seen a chippy that sells chips in newspaper though.

read 311 times
12/7/2013 5:04:21 PM (last edit: 12/7/2013 5:04:21 PM)
show user profile  gogodr
I really doubt it is newspaper... mostlikely it is kitchen paper with that design

Hello there

beautiful ;3

read 307 times
12/7/2013 5:36:59 PM (last edit: 12/7/2013 5:36:59 PM)
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