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Duplicate UV's
show user profile  topofsteel
I have a mesh that is coming into max with UV's and material Id's already assigned. I want to duplicate the UV's so I can apply a 2nd material in my game engine, mostly transparent to break up tiling. Since it's coming in basically collapsed, i'm applying UV Unwrap, copying and pasting it, then changing the map channel. In my game engine I don't see the 2nd set of UV's. Is this possible in Max, am I doing it right? Or could the problem be in my game engine. Thanks.
read 377 times
12/21/2013 6:52:05 PM (last edit: 12/21/2013 6:52:05 PM)
show user profile  Octopuzzy
You could either add a uvw unwrap modifier, set the uv channel to 2 and choose "move" to copy your first channel into the second.
Or open the channelbox(?) in the tools menu, create a new UV channel and copy and paste it there.

read 371 times
12/21/2013 7:31:08 PM (last edit: 12/21/2013 7:31:08 PM)
show user profile  topofsteel
Thank you.
read 362 times
12/22/2013 4:09:08 AM (last edit: 12/22/2013 4:09:08 AM)
show user profile  scotch_
Why do you need a second set of UVs if they're identical to the first? Just use the same set for both materials.
read 340 times
12/23/2013 8:33:21 PM (last edit: 12/23/2013 8:33:21 PM)
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