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What Dreamweaver file contains the FTP info?
show user profile  Spear Chuck
I want to take the FTP site definitions, USER/PW file with me so I can do some editing from another PC. What file contains the FTP URL, username and password?
read 398 times
7/18/2015 10:07:10 PM (last edit: 7/18/2015 10:09:02 PM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck

I was able to save one site I manage but I had to back the .ste file up from CS3 I still had installed from yee'uhz ago. The other sites I manage are in CC which is out of order
read 395 times
7/18/2015 10:10:02 PM (last edit: 7/18/2015 10:21:49 PM)
show user profile  ccampbell
Not a dream weaver fan my self but maybe your looking for something like this?


$Entrepreneur = if((Designer + Engineer)*Programmer){Problem Solver};

read 372 times
7/19/2015 6:38:40 AM (last edit: 7/19/2015 6:39:08 AM)
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