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DOF and vray cams
show user profile  Boing
i know the best way is to do it in post but i'm just learning this out of curiosity. i can get it to work easily with a standard camera but not with a vray cam.

i've got DOF and Blades ticked in the cam, tried using a wide range of apertures and theres no difference. i've tried with the DOF ticked in the camera rollout in the vray dialogue box but no change either.

am i missing something obvious?
read 917 times
3/12/2009 4:11:33 AM (last edit: 3/12/2009 4:11:33 AM)
show user profile  Idiotforaliving
Under the camera tab on the bottom of the render rollout tick the dof box.

read 906 times
3/12/2009 5:37:05 AM (last edit: 3/12/2009 5:37:05 AM)
show user profile  Boing
got that ticked but i'm still getting nothing. It'll work on an ordianry camera just not a vray cam
read 904 times
3/12/2009 5:42:46 AM (last edit: 3/12/2009 5:42:46 AM)
show user profile  Idiotforaliving
In physical cam use a small f number (2.8) low iso, 100 and a quick shutter. Make sure you have specified the right focus. If you cant get it to work, post some settings.

read 885 times
3/12/2009 6:52:30 AM (last edit: 3/12/2009 6:52:30 AM)
show user profile  Garp
Is depth of field checked in the sampling rollout?
Below: (VRayPhysicalCamera)
f-number: 2.4
shutter speed: 1/200
ISO: 100
focus distances: 50/250

read 873 times
3/12/2009 8:49:16 AM (last edit: 3/12/2009 8:49:16 AM)
show user profile  Bolteon
nope, it's right above motion blur check box in the vray camera properties...

-Marko Mandaric

read 852 times
3/12/2009 11:35:02 AM (last edit: 3/12/2009 11:35:02 AM)
show user profile  Boing
i'm going to go home and check my max copy there, if it's not working then i'm doing it wrong, if it is i've maybe got a software settiing/bug at work. everything that people are posting is set correctly here, bloody annoying!
read 846 times
3/12/2009 12:11:48 PM (last edit: 3/12/2009 12:11:48 PM)
show user profile  Boing
ok, sorry for the delay, having big problems at work with firefox and imageshack.

here's my settings

Image Hosted by
By boing at 2009-03-25

i've tried this on Max 2008 and 2009 but to no avail, i know it's going to be a face palm moment when i suss it but at the moment i can'r see what i'm doing wrong.

place vray camera

tick depth of field box

make f-stop a small number

tried with DOF on and off under Vray Camera in render settings.

read 770 times
3/25/2009 9:18:31 AM (last edit: 3/25/2009 9:19:15 AM)
show user profile  Boing
i did a higher res render and there is a little DOF but at the tiny aperture i'm using i would expect a much more pronounced effect. In a standard camera that small an aperture would blur out the whole scene.

read 761 times
3/25/2009 9:48:50 AM (last edit: 3/25/2009 9:50:32 AM)
show user profile  Bolteon
there's more to depth of field then just apatures.

-Marko Mandaric

read 740 times
3/25/2009 11:13:21 AM (last edit: 3/25/2009 11:13:21 AM)
show user profile  del3d
Your focal length is too low and its brackets contain the whole model. You have to increase focal length to narrow those brackets down (reduce focus range). Your f-number is just ridiculous. The smaller, the greater DOF, but right now it's just unreal. Try to use real world values. Set it to 2.8 or something. Focus center will be located where your camera target is at. You can cheat with "specify focus" tick.

Post your top view with your camera selected.
read 729 times
3/25/2009 12:23:35 PM (last edit: 3/25/2009 12:25:43 PM)
show user profile  Bolteon

-Marko Mandaric

read 723 times
3/25/2009 12:41:18 PM (last edit: 3/25/2009 12:41:18 PM)
show user profile  Idiotforaliving
Now i get why you didnt get it to work :)

read 704 times
3/26/2009 1:04:15 AM (last edit: 3/26/2009 1:04:15 AM)
show user profile  Boing
ok, thanks for the advice del3d, i can see a couple of places where i'm going wrong after having done a little reading on it.

i thought an f-stop of 22 was 1/22 but it's the focal length/22, that's why i couldn't grasp the relationship between focal lenght and DOF

the model i'm using is 1500m long which means pushing the camera a long way back to get the shot which is lengthening my DOF


i tried on a smaller model (10mx10m) with the camera much closer (16m) and a 50mm lens but i still can't get much DOF without going below F 0.5. if i go for F 2.0 it's got no DOF at all.

as you can see the DOF bracket is quite small

i could go for a longer focal length but if you go too big it flattens the image out badly robbing it of depth which is the very thing i'm trying to enhance with DOF

Maybe Vray cams are just limited when it comes to DOF? standard cams can give a much more exaggerated effect.

read 693 times
3/26/2009 5:14:04 AM (last edit: 3/26/2009 5:15:51 AM)
show user profile  del3d
Vray cams work best with real world situations. 50mm lens on 10x10m model with camera focused in the middle is just not going to work. Fake your distances or apply blur in post based on z-depth.
read 678 times
3/26/2009 8:48:57 AM (last edit: 3/26/2009 8:48:57 AM)
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