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Distributed rendering
show user profile  PS3D
I'm hoping one of you guys will be able to help me with this:-

I have a spare computer sat behind me which is set up with Max/Vray, and which I want to use as the "render server".

Problem is when i try to render from my machine it fails to find all the texture maps. But if I render from the spare machine (using my machine as the server) it renders fine!

I'm guessing it's just a matter of swapping over the license for which machine is the client and which one is the server, but i have no idea how to do it.

Any ideas??

read 1398 times
6/17/2010 3:15:37 PM (last edit: 6/17/2010 3:15:37 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
No idea about Vray, but with MentalRay, you don't need to have the maps shared, it sends them with the render job.

Is there no tickbox for shared maps, etc?

read 1390 times
6/17/2010 3:25:45 PM (last edit: 6/17/2010 3:25:45 PM)
show user profile  cadmonkey33
the textures need to be in a location that both computers can access.
use the asset tracker to set the locations. you may need to use unc paths instead of mapped paths.
i.e. '\\server1\jobs\textures' instead of 'z:\textures'

Nat Saiger.

read 1377 times
6/17/2010 4:00:48 PM (last edit: 6/17/2010 4:00:48 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Shame, MentalRay doesn't need to have the materials shared.

Are you using backburner, or distributed bucket rendering?

read 1372 times
6/17/2010 4:11:27 PM (last edit: 6/17/2010 4:11:27 PM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss
That mental ray shit sound awesome. Why can't vray do that?! :(

read 1366 times
6/17/2010 5:58:05 PM (last edit: 6/17/2010 5:58:05 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
It is awesome.

I can hit render on my laptop, and three dual quad-core Xeon machines burst into life and render the frame in a tiny fraction of the time my laptop would normally render in.

God bless distributed rendering!

I thought Vray did this too.

read 1364 times
6/17/2010 6:00:41 PM (last edit: 6/17/2010 6:00:41 PM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss
Vray does have DR but as I understand it you have to sort out all the bitmaps and shit and it often seems more effort than it's worth. That probably says more about my laziness than anything. :)

read 1350 times
6/17/2010 8:45:35 PM (last edit: 6/17/2010 8:45:35 PM)
show user profile  cadmonkey33
its not like its hard. lol.
it takes maybe 2 mins to repath your assets in the tracker. and you only have to do it once.
at work all our projects and assets are stored on the server anyway, so its no trouble.

Nat Saiger.

read 1338 times
6/17/2010 10:13:20 PM (last edit: 6/17/2010 10:13:20 PM)
show user profile  PS3D
Thanks for the help guys. I'm pretty sure it not a map sharing issue though, as the scene renders fine seperately on either machine. I think it's to do with the license, ie. which computer is the host and with one is the slave. Currently my spare machine is setup as the host. Have got our IT guys trying to sort the problem out at present (!), but if that fails I think it'll just be easier to swap the machines around!


read 1323 times
6/18/2010 8:57:03 AM (last edit: 6/18/2010 8:57:03 AM)
show user profile  cadmonkey33
are you using the vray spawner or the spawner service on the slave?
we've found that the service needs admin rights to run properly.
having said that, if a slave can't get a licence, it generally throws an error like 'server x actively refused the connection' and doesnt render at all.
you might want to try asking on chaosgroups forums.

Nat Saiger.

read 1314 times
6/18/2010 10:09:34 AM (last edit: 6/18/2010 10:09:34 AM)
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