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displacement doesn't work on some vray meshes
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I have a strange problem. I have models of trees that I've converted into Vray meshes but when i put a bark material on the trunk with some displacement it does nothing.

At first I thought it was a vrmesh limitation but if I make a flat plane and convert it to a vray mesh then put th material on it there is clear displacement.

Then I assumed it was a mapping issue with the tree model so I applied the material to the original and again there is clear displacement. I've also applied the material to cubes, cylinders etc and it works on them all, just not on this vray mesh. I thought it might be a corrupt mesh so I re-made it from sctratch but again, no luck.

Heres a few images.

Image Hosted by
By boing at 2011-09-20

the effect is subtle but you can see the displacement on the edges.

Image Hosted by
By boing at 2011-09-20

I have 2 questions really.

1) Why won't the displacement work on the vrmesh tree when it works on a vrmesh plane

2) Why, when the effect is so subtle on the planes (1m x 1m) is it so damned big on the trees which are full size and have been xform re-set?
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9/20/2011 6:25:44 PM (last edit: 9/20/2011 6:28:39 PM)
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