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difference between hard drives
show user profile  digital3ds
Im wondering what the difference between the primary hard drive and data hard drive is, and why you dont need a data hard drive
- Mike Sawicki

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10/6/2011 7:44:00 PM (last edit: 10/6/2011 7:44:00 PM)
show user profile  digital3ds
and why would you want a second optical drive?

- Mike Sawicki

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10/6/2011 7:46:05 PM (last edit: 10/6/2011 7:46:05 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
I am guessing that "A data drive" is one that is holding only user data, and doesn't contain the OS. This has advantages, depending on how you use the computer. Swapping out the data drive won't stop your OS from working. A Single drive with just your data might be easier to backup.

Second optical drive? No idea. It's not something I've ever needed.

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10/6/2011 8:03:49 PM (last edit: 10/6/2011 8:03:49 PM)
show user profile  digital3ds
yea i cant figure out y someone would need 2 optical drives. im building this desktop so in the future i can add render nodes to it, 1 by 1, and dont know if ill need the 2 hard drives, or if theyll even make a difference
- Mike Sawicki

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10/6/2011 8:11:02 PM (last edit: 10/6/2011 8:11:02 PM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
the difference could be the specs you select for a certain purpose drive. for primary boot drive you want it to be fast but it doesn't have to be very large (200gb easily covers most users) hence the popularity of SSDs for such purpose. Another thing you could be after with your primary drive is data security so some paranoid people like me stick multiple cheap drives in redundancy RAID configuration which also helps with speed.

For a storage drive you generally just want one thing - most GB/$ you can get. For this purpose cheap end 2TB drives have the price sweet spot right now

as for optical - im not sure why you would want even one hehe, havent used mine in years

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10/6/2011 8:11:35 PM (last edit: 10/6/2011 8:12:04 PM)
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