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show user profile  GingerBread

I have a question.
I have 2 poly objects on my scene .. It can be a road, but I want to do one thing. I want cut there the hole with smaller object into the bigger object. So, with this, I can get a sidewalks ..

Thanks for you answers
read 563 times
2/28/2016 8:20:23 PM (last edit: 2/28/2016 8:20:23 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
Post a photo.

I don't know how you are doing it but here's what I would do...

Instead of trying to cut holes into shit, I would make a curved silhouette of your road and sidewalk area and then have it extrude along another curve.

- Portfolio-

read 562 times
2/28/2016 8:29:03 PM (last edit: 2/28/2016 8:29:03 PM)
show user profile  9krausec

- Portfolio-

read 559 times
2/28/2016 8:37:34 PM (last edit: 2/28/2016 8:37:34 PM)
show user profile  GingerBread
I am working on it in 3ds max, so ..
I wanted to use ProBoolean, I saw one video where guy is using this tool. But when I try it, I have an error ..
read 548 times
2/28/2016 9:05:42 PM (last edit: 2/28/2016 9:05:42 PM)
show user profile  9krausec

I am working on it in 3ds max, so ..

Doesn't matter dude. This operation can also be done in 3ds Max. You should...

-post up a picture because no one is going to understand wtf you are on about

-do not use boolean operations unless you absolutely need to. There is no need I can see to use a boolean operation on a simple road/sidewalk setup (unless it's a special road with a special sidewalk).

It probably wouldn't hurt to post up the tutorial you are working off of to also give people further information as what you are trying to accomplish.

- Portfolio-

read 545 times
2/28/2016 9:10:21 PM (last edit: 2/28/2016 9:18:38 PM)
show user profile  FX

read 515 times
2/29/2016 3:03:35 AM (last edit: 2/29/2016 3:07:03 AM)
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