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Curved road uv mapping
show user profile  sheheryar_noor
i have modeled a city,everything is uv mapped fine except roads. I have modeled a road using line tool and it is a a long and curved single mesh when i uv map it, mapping at curved points gets messed up
What is the best and fastest way to model a road which won't be stretched when texturized. Different planes and bending them where the road is curved? what if road is modeled using a line tool how it could have nice uv mapping?
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5/13/2015 12:48:05 PM (last edit: 5/13/2015 12:48:05 PM)
show user profile  sheheryar_noor
Sleep is such a good thing:P i slept and when i wokeup i tried path deform wsw modifier and it works perfectly as i wanted :D
Sleep sleep sleep and work :D
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5/13/2015 3:57:04 PM (last edit: 5/13/2015 3:57:04 PM)
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