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creating a small prgram to querry an access database
show user profile  npcph
So I have an access database that i want to be able to query with a stand alone program. It is a point of sale program that uses an access database, but access will not allow me to open it. I can open in using fly-speed though. I want to be able to just query the gift cards to show me the balance. So basically it would have a place to put in the gift card number and hit a button to find. Then it will show you the balance and then give an option to print a small receipt on a receipt printer. We have 3 locations that are linked for the gift cards, but no way to look them up. So i thought i would see if anyone here might have a direction to point me in.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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8/2/2012 10:05:56 PM (last edit: 8/2/2012 10:05:56 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
Can offer no advice sorry......but bump.
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8/3/2012 2:48:19 PM (last edit: 8/3/2012 2:48:19 PM)
show user profile  vierendeel
What language are you using to create your stand-alone application?
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8/3/2012 3:46:06 PM (last edit: 8/3/2012 3:46:06 PM)
show user profile  npcph
Thanks for the bump Jim.

Vierendeel, I'm not sure what language or program to use to create the program. I'm starting from scratch and was looking for someone to point me in the right direction.

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8/3/2012 7:29:23 PM (last edit: 8/3/2012 7:29:23 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
You might want to find a page like this one, to get you started:

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8/3/2012 7:31:07 PM (last edit: 8/3/2012 7:31:07 PM)
show user profile  npcph
Thanks Nik. I'm reading through it now.

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8/3/2012 8:22:02 PM (last edit: 8/3/2012 8:22:02 PM)
show user profile  vierendeel
OK. Well, you can use just about any modern programming language to read from a database, including web scripting languages, so take your pick. I'm sure some are probably better than others, but I'm not really in a position to make an informed opinion on that. Your level of comfort with a particular language and what you do with the data after you retrieve it from the database may be of more importance when it comes to choosing the underlying programming language, especially if database performance isn't crucial.
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8/3/2012 11:24:47 PM (last edit: 8/3/2012 11:26:42 PM)
show user profile  gogodr
I would recommend you to start with C# instead of Visual Basic.
The program you want is simple enough, but if you want to program it, you need at least programming basics..

Hello there

beautiful ;3

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8/4/2012 4:26:14 AM (last edit: 8/4/2012 4:26:45 AM)
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