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crash when rendering complex scene
show user profile  mrazvan22
Hello. I hate asking for help in my first post but i really have a big problem.

I tried rendering one scene using 3d max 2009 on vista ultimate, mental ray and objects from vue but i got an error telling me that the application ran out of memory. This appears at the beginning of the rendering, when translating the scene.The scene consists of an outside view of a building(145000 polys) with grass in particle flow(200.000 piecesx4polys each) and some trees and flowers from vue. The confusing thing was that only 1.5gb were used out of 4. I tried increasing the virtual memory from the HD, decreasing the texture size,decreasing the shadow map's size and even changing the driver to openGL but without success. Furthermore i tried using an USB stick to increase the memory using Vista's ReadyBoost but i still got the error. I activated the bitmap pager and the result was the same.

After all of this i changed mental ray's memory options(memory limit=2000mb, use placeholder objects=on...all of them on) and at first it seemed to work.After all the photons are casted 3d max crashes and asks me to send a report to autodesk.

Well, i really don't know what to do now, and i was wondering if there is a way i can make it work without simplifying the scene. I just read from max's help about layers and i was wondering if I can render the scene by splitting it into layers, rendering each layer separately and after that merging them in one picture, but i don't know how to deal with shadows and objects that interact with each other this way.So, my second question is: Can I do this in 3d max or using other aplications?

I think you guys/girls also encountered these issues in complex scenes and I think there are some tehniques to solve them. Can anyone help me out with the max crash problem?

read 478 times
3/17/2009 9:50:05 AM (last edit: 3/17/2009 9:50:05 AM)
show user profile  Hua*MuLan~
"splitting it into layers" . I don't think so . As far as I know , even if you model did not appear in your final imagine , that didn't mean that the render didn't take it into account for rendering . Obviously , if there are some reflections . I do not know if there can be a proper way . I just thought technially.
Every day is a new day

read 455 times
3/17/2009 12:33:32 PM (last edit: 3/17/2009 12:33:32 PM)
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