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Constraining an arm controller
show user profile  DarkSpyda04

Here's what I'm trying to do. You see what Kiory12 (Gif2) and TraptCG (Gif1) does in these videos? How they have successfully constrained or seemingly so a controller to the arm? How when they move the said controller, the arm moves with the controller attatched to it? I cannot do this. If I try and link an HI solver to a constrained controller, the entire bone structure of the arm shifts. With that said, the only thing I can do is create a controller object, position it in place, and link the HI solver to it. When I move the controller, it doesn't stay in position (Gif3). What am I doing wrong or rather what are the correct steps I must take for one to manipulate an arm through a constrained controller like so?

All I know is that it's a problem with the HI solver because the linked controller always follows the IK but it's the IK that is not constrained between the clavicle and upper arm bones. When I was watching Trapt's video, I realized that he tested out the IK's ability to manipulate the arm before linking it to the controller and the IK managed to move the arm whilst maintaining its position between the clavicle and upper arm bone.

EDIT - 8:25PM 8/16/12
Thanks to nobody, I realized that the IK could'nt be the problem since Kiory and Trapt do nothing more than create the IK and test it out. The problem would have to be something else affecting the IK; the bones, perhaps. I search around the motion panel among other panels in search of answers but to no resolve. Finally, I decided to create a new rig from scratch and follow availalble tutorials to a T. What I came to as a diagnosis was that the bone legnth was the culprit; too short and stubby. It turns out that the IK prefers more enlongated bones and as such I'll have to reduce the size of them while retaining the legnth to give them a similar effect.

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