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Concept Car [long WIP]
show user profile  LoyHogg
So I've been working on this car's designs for a while now and finally got it into max. I know you all must be sick of flashy super cars, so just go with it. :)

The final goal for this project is to make an add, around 30 seconds. It will be an add of the near future, 5 or so years, so lots of lights and 'cyber-environments'. Maybe a little ambitious for my first car but time will tell.

Would really like to know what you think.. Thanks in advance.

(same as pic from 'so what are you working on' thread)

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8/1/2009 5:56:38 AM (last edit: 8/1/2009 5:56:38 AM)
show user profile  s_purs
lets see your designs for the car, before you show the 3d stuff. also as your going along its best to post up wireframe renders, so we can crit.

minus that looking smooth so far
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8/1/2009 6:10:07 AM (last edit: 8/1/2009 6:10:07 AM)
show user profile  Joey Parker Jr.
good start
 photo 2012-sig_small3_zpsbd114b69.png

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8/1/2009 11:33:12 AM (last edit: 8/1/2009 11:33:12 AM)
show user profile  LoyHogg
Ben, ha ha maybe I should have worded that differently. My design's consist of 1 picture of a car that looks remarkably like something a 5 year old would draw if you said car! :)

This is my design process.

I find it easy enough to model now that I can be happy to delete half the model and start again as it only takes a small amount of time.

Thanks Joey. :)

Here's an update:


I am still unsure about the front so I would like your thoughts about the general design before I get technical with wires. :) Thanks..
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8/3/2009 1:40:33 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 1:40:33 AM)
show user profile  Setherial
time to take it into photoshop and do paintovers to test out what works and what does not. Fix the concept the easy way before you start to put the real timeconsuming work into it altering the mesh.
read 1045 times
8/3/2009 1:48:47 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 1:48:47 AM)
show user profile  LoyHogg
Ahh, yes if I had magic hands like you sir I would paint till I wore my tablet through and through.. :)

I find it much easier to get desirable results in max. The thing I have found most challenging is not working from any references. In this case I wish I had the ability to pre-visualize the final car and paint orthographics.

What I have now is pretty much how it came together in my head. Seeing it in front of me now however I am unsure of a few features.

"So draw over it now?" I hear you say..?

I wouldn't know where to start? So I would like to know what stands out as ass ugly or any other critique that you may have..

Thanks for the input Seth.. Appreciated :)
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8/3/2009 4:13:06 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 4:13:06 AM)
show user profile  s_purs
make the white boxes invisible to camera, and only to reflections for starters. also sort out the wind screen- up the samples/reduce noise on the material or whatever is causing the speckles.

then shove a dark grey box in the bonnet, make it non reflective- just so it fills the gaps in the front air intake- you dont have to habe a detailed engine, just something in there will do.

minus that as its a concept car your designing its hard to crit. its your taste, mesh looks pretty clean so its fine
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8/3/2009 4:58:41 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 4:58:41 AM)
show user profile  Erm Kahoff
What does the back look like?


If everyone around you is panicking and you are calm, perhaps you haven't fully grasped the situation

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8/3/2009 5:02:48 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 5:02:48 AM)
show user profile  markoid
I love this... it's got attitude.
The tapering of the 'cabin' looks a bit extreme to me.

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8/3/2009 5:30:27 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 5:30:27 AM)
show user profile  LoyHogg
Thanks Ben, good pointers, though I wasn't too concerned about render quality at the moment, just design. Also the url in you user profile is coming up as a sub page of maxforums? Nice stuff there btw. :)

@ markoid, thanks attitude is good, I think.. ;o)

Update: Here you go Erm:


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8/4/2009 11:31:32 PM (last edit: 8/4/2009 11:31:52 PM)
show user profile  Stephen R.
impossible to manufacture,
not well thought out at all,
not enough room for the interior (aka good luck being comfortable at all in there),
The vents on the side say its supposed to be mid-engine or rear-engine, but theres no space back there for an engine, all the space is up front. Confusing no?

Generic round headlights? Come on man.

Dont get me started on the design flaws.

draw first

then spline cage

then model over that using it as a guide.


I wouldnt even call this a car. Even hotwheels would be ashamed to release this. Hell Mattel would be offended by this.

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8/4/2009 11:34:30 PM (last edit: 8/4/2009 11:34:30 PM)
show user profile  ubik19761
nevermind negative ass stephen r, i think you have something you can work with you just need to put it all together. the main problem i see is that the main body doesn't mesh with the cabin. most of the car has smooth curvy lines, but the cabin and windows are hard lines. if you can figure out how to put them together i think you could have a descent prototype. keep up the good work.
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Tim Daggy

"Play the hand that's dealt to you."

read 934 times
8/4/2009 11:39:50 PM (last edit: 8/4/2009 11:39:50 PM)
show user profile  Stephen R.
I dont think even grotey could turn that into something respectable.

read 931 times
8/4/2009 11:42:13 PM (last edit: 8/4/2009 11:42:13 PM)
show user profile  TimTamFin
I would also make the cabin a bit wider.

read 929 times
8/4/2009 11:42:53 PM (last edit: 8/4/2009 11:42:53 PM)
show user profile  ubik19761
stephen r_ have you ever heard of constructive criticism? it doesn't help anyone if you act like an ass.
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Tim Daggy

"Play the hand that's dealt to you."

read 922 times
8/4/2009 11:47:34 PM (last edit: 8/4/2009 11:47:34 PM)
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