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Concept artist needed $$
show user profile  bms85
I'm looking for a concept artist to draw up a very important piece for me. It would be a tattoo to remember my friends who died growing up. I'm willing to pay. We can talk compensation before you begin if I get any takers.

I'm looking for a dragon wrapped around an open treasure chest with gold spilling out perched on top a pile of skulls. Also coming out of, or possibly behind the chest I would like a giant ankh which will have my friends initials engraved into it. I would like the dragon to be breathing fire that could wrap around my shoulder and take up a small portion of my shoulder/ chest. I would also like it to be very detailed, with some skeletons of people that failed to steal the treasure and maybe a full plate helmet or a sword scattered here or there.

I will allow the artist a signature somewhere in the piece as a thank you for art that will mean a lot to me.

I am asking this community because I remember someone from these forums posted this image of dragon heads that I saved to use as a reference.

Here was a drawing I came up partly as a joke and partly to show the artist what I'm looking for in case my words weren't description enough. You can clearly see why I need an artist.

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8/1/2009 12:18:35 PM (last edit: 8/1/2009 12:22:03 PM)
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