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Composite opacity with shadows
show user profile  Duders

I'm getting some weird results with composite materials and shadows. have a 100% opacity material underneath a material with varying opacity, but when a shadow is cast on it it seems to hide the opaque material. Rendering in MR with omni lights and ray traced shadows (for now).

read 585 times
3/11/2009 10:01:39 AM (last edit: 3/11/2009 10:01:39 AM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss2
Are you trying to do car paint? If so I believe shellac is the way to go, not composite.

read 576 times
3/11/2009 10:08:15 AM (last edit: 3/11/2009 10:08:15 AM)
show user profile  Duders
I'm doing grime over car paint, for testing at the moment I'm using a Standard as the actual car paint and will use shellac once i have the dirt looking good.

read 572 times
3/11/2009 10:11:41 AM (last edit: 3/11/2009 10:11:41 AM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss2
I think a blend mat is the way to go for mud/dirt etc. Could be wrong.

read 565 times
3/11/2009 10:33:34 AM (last edit: 3/11/2009 10:33:34 AM)
show user profile  Dejitarujin
So... Wait a minute. Is that making the material completely vanish anywhere a shadow is cast upon it?

Is one of the materials Matte/Shadow? (Yeah, I know, you've probably checked and/or wouldn't make the mistake to begin with, but it can't hurt to ask.)
Specialty: Non-organic modelling and effects.
Setup: 3D Studio 2010 with finalRender.
Rig: No, no I can't.
read 564 times
3/11/2009 10:33:56 AM (last edit: 3/11/2009 10:33:56 AM)
show user profile  Stephen R.
thatd be a fun thing to play around with in fun animations and stuff. Cool effect. I wonder if it scales with area lights so the transparency fades.

read 560 times
3/11/2009 10:35:59 AM (last edit: 3/11/2009 10:35:59 AM)
show user profile  Duders
Cheers Bish, Thats done it. Are composites just a flawed Blend (like Physique is to Skin)?

Thanks to the rest for the help.

read 557 times
3/11/2009 10:42:30 AM (last edit: 3/11/2009 10:42:30 AM)
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