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Codec trouble qt H.264
show user profile  soontekk
after a reinstall of my wks i noticed my video's now render very bright and flat in h.264
if i choose another codec all is good though.. i havn't a clue

seems to be a playback problem coz it also does this to movs i rendered before :/
i would guess the new qt player is acting up or treating my vids as ntsc or sumtin

melting ur brainz!
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read 566 times
4/27/2008 12:29:58 PM (last edit: 4/27/2008 12:31:52 PM)
show user profile  Dave
I dunno about your problem But I will say that people in charge of QT's development need to get off their feckin' arse.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 557 times
4/27/2008 12:38:21 PM (last edit: 4/27/2008 12:38:21 PM)
show user profile  reeves1984
Get with the program seth! (so to speak)

Its quicktimes super gamma issue, its not a new thing so not sure how you got away with it before. Search for (quicktime gamma prpblem) or something on googles and behold the size of the issue.

Personally I like using sorenson squeeze's AVC codec that makes .mp4, skips the whole issue.

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 552 times
4/27/2008 12:46:39 PM (last edit: 4/27/2008 12:46:39 PM)
show user profile  soontekk
hey reeves thx mate, checking that out now
i just started liking the h264 codec :(
cheers ;)

melting ur brainz!
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read 525 times
4/27/2008 2:33:04 PM (last edit: 4/27/2008 2:33:04 PM)
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