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CityTraffic 2 cool plugin updated.
show user profile  Duche
iCube R & D Group just released a new version of CityTraffic 2.

CityTraffic is a plug-in for 3ds Max which helps to create car traffic flow on the roads and off-roads.
Special road editor and automatic cars setup substantially accelerates preparation of scenes for the simulation of traffic movement.
Huge variety of configurations for each car, whether it is adjustment of a suspension bracket or style of driving, give the ability to create realistic simulation.
Dynamics calculation makes movements on complicated surfaces more realistic, and the artificial intelligent system helps cars to operate independently.

In new version significantly improved and completely rewritten AI Engine.  Some of the new features include:

1. New system of building the road network based on splines.
2. Automatic construction of standard intersections.
3. Advanced Artificial Intelligence Vehicle systems
4. More realistic traffic flow behaviour.
5. Calculation of simulation is significantly increased.
6. Six wheeled vehicle support
7. Simplified system for cloning vehicles.
8. Simplified and expanded use of traffic lights function.
9. New objects such as "speed limiter" "obstacle," "stop line"
10. Improved parking
11. Improved suspension dynamics of vehicles
12. Really massive simulations with several thousands of vehicles could be calculated within minutes.

In addition, price reduced from 360 to 200 Euros.
Documentation can be downloaded from here:

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12/13/2011 1:27:45 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 1:27:45 PM)
show user profile  Dave
I like it.

I have no use for it, but I like it.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 4560 times
12/13/2011 1:53:58 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 1:53:58 PM)
show user profile  Bobbyboy
wow, that roundabout demo video was impressive!

read 4543 times
12/13/2011 2:48:38 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 2:48:38 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
that roundabout in swindon looks insane - never been there.

read 4537 times
12/13/2011 3:01:16 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 3:09:05 PM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Yeah impressive stuff, especially that roundabout vid :)

Thought Id embed it to save people time searching for it.

read 4528 times
12/13/2011 3:16:11 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 3:17:49 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
wtf is that mess!

What kind of country does that??

That is ridiculous.....
read 4523 times
12/13/2011 3:31:21 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 3:31:21 PM)
show user profile  Dave
I've never even heard of this roundabout, and I swear I've passed through Swindon a few times in the last year. Maybe that's why it's magic! .. or, everyone just avoids it?

"I flew over Egypt once"

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12/13/2011 3:33:09 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 3:33:09 PM)
show user profile  K-tonne
it's been there for over 25 years apparently

looks shit but i hear it works well enough

(don't tell jim about spaghetti junction)

Website and Portfolio

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12/13/2011 4:36:31 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 4:36:31 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
at least we don't weld our doors shut & jump missing bridges to escape the law.

we just go round in circles for no apparent reason.

different kinds of madness.

read 4515 times
12/13/2011 4:53:22 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 5:18:42 PM)
show user profile  Error404
>> at least we don't weld our doors shut & jump missing bridges to escape the law.

then what do you do for fun if you can't jump bridges!?!?

damn foreigners. -

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12/13/2011 6:39:09 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 6:39:09 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
we watch you fly unencrypted "stealth" aircraft drone thingies into foreign lands where they are hacked by the locals.

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12/13/2011 7:11:42 PM (last edit: 12/13/2011 7:14:11 PM)
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