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How much can I charge a client for mileage? - UK
show user profile  CAD Monkey
Hi Guys,

A client of mine needs me to go to their client's office tomorrow to do some autocad work. They are providing a laptop etc. so I will be charging my day rate, but the travel is around 60miles each way. I know that I need to (and can) charge for mileage, but I was wondering what would be considered a reasonable rate in the UK at the moment?

I started off immediately thinking 50p per mile, but then thought this might be seen as taking the piss, 40p might be more reasonable but if I'm honest I don't really know. Anybody know what people charge these days?

Thanks in advance,

Stewart Today is a gift, and tomorrow is not a promise, so love life!

read 2723 times
2/8/2011 5:44:32 PM (last edit: 2/8/2011 5:44:32 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
40p a mile is about right. That is what our company refund employees when we claim back mileage.
read 2712 times
2/8/2011 5:58:23 PM (last edit: 2/8/2011 5:58:23 PM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
I`d just go with the million dolla`s for every thirty centimeters travelled personally.. Obviously there`s a surcharge of 50k if u have to leave the house..

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read 2706 times
2/8/2011 6:07:43 PM (last edit: 2/8/2011 6:07:43 PM)
show user profile  LionDebt
He's making you drive half-way across the country... when you can presumably, just as easily complete the work sitting in the comfort of your own home?

Charge him for the inconvenience - I'd say 40 to 50 pennies a mile is about right. Most likely will be in the region of £10 to £15 for fuel. So, £20 to £15 charge for the inconvenience makes between £7.50 and £10.00 an hour. Which I guess is a lot below your usual hourly rate? (Edit: Unless of course, you are Bolts).

read 2698 times
2/8/2011 6:21:38 PM (last edit: 2/8/2011 6:23:11 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
Yeah, I bet Bolts just comes out of a dark corner whenever a big cg job is first discussed..

- Portfolio-

read 2681 times
2/8/2011 7:23:10 PM (last edit: 2/8/2011 7:23:10 PM)
show user profile  CAD Monkey
Cheers guys,

40p per mile + my usual day rate should do it!! ;D



Today is a gift, and tomorrow is not a promise, so love life!

read 2665 times
2/8/2011 8:41:39 PM (last edit: 2/8/2011 8:41:39 PM)
show user profile  jareu
im not sure what 40p is or what a "mile" is, but i would be working out vehicle registration per year, car servicing per year, and divide that by average "miles" done in a year. then work out how many of these "miles" you get to a tank, use that to work out the price of each mile based on fuel.

add the fuel mile to the servicing mile and then double it.

using good ol fashioned aussie lingo, heres an example:

$500 a year registration, $600 a year servicing. about 15000 k's done in a year so my servicing price per Kilometre is 1100/15000 =7.4 cents per K
fuel costs me $1.40 a litre. i get 250 kilometres to a tank of 15 litres (motorbike)
15 x 1.40 / 250 = 8.4 cents per K
add them together and double to get 31.6 cents per K
for sales i might change that to 29 cents per K because it looks less, but there you go. By working out what it ACTUALLY costs me personally to drive that distance, I can mathematically prove that im covering my arse, your cost should be a bit more because you're driving a car.

bottom line is, never go by what sounds right or what the going rate is, always make sure you can cover yourself.

edit: i just realized I could make an extra 26 bucks a day. thanks CAD monkey
other edit: just worked out that 40 pence per mile is 40 cents per kilometre. go with that.

He who says it cannot be done is interrupting the man doing it.

read 2632 times
2/9/2011 2:03:42 PM (last edit: 2/9/2011 2:21:46 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
and i certainly wouldn't itemise that in your bill


read 2624 times
2/9/2011 2:27:37 PM (last edit: 2/9/2011 2:39:55 PM)
show user profile  jareu
nah, absolutely not, just keep it a simple, small font addition to your invoice.

He who says it cannot be done is interrupting the man doing it.

read 2617 times
2/9/2011 2:35:39 PM (last edit: 2/9/2011 2:35:39 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
Hmmm.......please don't take this as offense to you, as I am only giving you my 2 cents on how "I" and other collegues in my world handle this:

Unless it is traveling for a full day or such, in which case I charge 1/2 rate if I am flying somewhere,...etc.

Otherwise I wouldn't bother with hitting up a client for an extra bit for driving an hour to his office and an hour back. Overall seems a bit nit-picky to me.
I suppose if you are doing a 6 hour shift for him and only making $300....then 2 hours of drive time might be something to think about. But even he a good client? A good amount of work from him? Or just a 1-time thing......? That might weigh in as well....

If you are doing a few days, making a couple grand,.....then I wouldnt worry about it.

Overall...I guess IMHO....unless its large scale travel......I wouldn't bother,....chalk it up to the cost of doing business.

read 2608 times
2/9/2011 2:53:52 PM (last edit: 2/9/2011 2:53:52 PM)
show user profile  CAD Monkey
Thanks again fellas.

The travelling was about 2hrs each way, with a 3.5hour meeting where I was changing plans etc as they were being discussed. Therefore I will be charging 1xDay Rate (7.5hrs total) plus £X travel to site.

Generally my client wants me to work from home wherever possible, so they will be reclaiming my charges from the end client, so with this being the case my travel time is added to the time I'm actually working. Also, I can't work on other projects for other clients while I am in the car travelling to their client, so a whole day needed to be blocked out for this job as it was an open-ended task.

That was really how we planned to invoice it too.


Stewart Today is a gift, and tomorrow is not a promise, so love life!

read 2590 times
2/9/2011 4:39:01 PM (last edit: 2/9/2011 4:39:01 PM)
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