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Maxunderground news unavailable

Chaos Group Announces Acquisition of U.S. Based Software Developer, ASGVIS
show user profile  chaossw
Chaos Group of Sofia, Bulgaria – the world leader in the development of software solutions for the computer graphics industry – has acquired Baltimore-based software developer and visualization firm, ASGVIS, LLC. The acquisition will consolidate V-Ray for Rhino and V-Ray for SketchUp development within the Chaos Group brand, and confirms establishment of a new Chaos Group company in the United States that will enhance services and support to customers in North America.

ASGVIS will officially be renamed Chaos Group USA. Peter Mitev, CEO of Chaos Group, will provide overall guidance for the new company, but there are no planned changes to the structure or employees as of this announcement.

Click on to read more.
read 265 times
2/10/2011 12:30:43 PM (last edit: 2/10/2011 12:30:43 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Good news for them yanks, I bet!

Visit my Portfolio

read 256 times
2/10/2011 12:40:35 PM (last edit: 2/10/2011 12:40:35 PM)
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