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CG pricing advice.
show user profile  K u r a i
I would appreciate some info on how to price a CG 2D visual.

One guy I know from Germany says he charges 600 Euros for the first image and 150 Euros for each image thereafter... and his stuff is pretty good.

Please can you tell me about the CG market in your country from the highs to the lows and how many days clients expect an image to be complete and rendered? From AutoCad to Jpeg.

How much are one room internal visuals?
How much are exterior visuals?
Do you ask for a deposit...if so, how much?

Thanks :)

read 620 times
9/21/2014 8:17:08 AM (last edit: 9/21/2014 8:18:33 AM)
show user profile  3Ddeath
I always have to break things down to man hours and figure out how much I want to make per hour.

Hard part for this is you need to gauge the quality the client would want in order to figure this part out, its not easy!

Portfolio Site
read 611 times
9/21/2014 9:52:36 AM (last edit: 9/21/2014 9:52:36 AM)
show user profile  STRAT
There are no easy standard answers.

A seasoned pro, for example, will be at liberty to charge infinitely more than a bedroom nuub, no matter what the quality.

How much room internals/externals? What kind? How complicated? How big/small? For what purpose? What quality? Etc etc etc. see? It isnt as straight forward as you think. Nothing is.

Deposits? Again, an individual requisite you need experience in

Some people charge man hours, some charge overall per job, some charge individual deliverables. Etcetcetc. Again, all different. Your age, creed and location in the world all count heavily too.

You're asking questions that are most immature and cant properly be answered, which, means you shouldnt really be in the charging business yet me thinks until you know properly the score. Charging for your work is an individual thing you acquire with experience. Just go out and test the water maybe?


read 596 times
9/21/2014 11:00:19 AM (last edit: 9/21/2014 11:17:21 AM)
show user profile  K u r a i
Your right STAT... charging for CG is open-ended....or to put it another way...nobody is gonna talk about how much they charge 'openly to protect their integrity.
So in this regard, my questions were naive.

I think it's best I ask this sort of question privately.

read 576 times
9/21/2014 12:27:09 PM (last edit: 9/21/2014 12:27:09 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
Uh, no. I don't mind these types of questions as this area is all grey, so every bit of knowledge helps.

For me I found it useful researching the average freelance rates around the world to see if I'm in the ballpark. If you're finding you always get work, you'll probably find you're underselling yourself. And vice versa. But, as Strat says, the whole underselling/overselling is largely based on your work and reputation.
read 564 times
9/21/2014 3:02:32 PM (last edit: 9/21/2014 3:02:32 PM)
show user profile  PS3D
Quite a good article on price structuring which may be of interest...

read 563 times
9/21/2014 3:10:22 PM (last edit: 9/21/2014 3:10:22 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
I know, I know, that is not to say a Word to those in Germany, even before they pay 150 euros to 600 euros for taking pictures of the Prime Minister. And some things that are very good.

Visit my Portfolio

read 557 times
9/21/2014 3:16:19 PM (last edit: 9/21/2014 3:16:19 PM)
show user profile  K u r a i
Thanks FistHer. I appreciate the help :)

I have been a self employed interior designer since 1999... so I know all about trying to price things right. In the UK I always under priced projects to keep the wheels greased... you can only do this for so long and eventually the train de-rails.

Being self employed is a hard game in the design industry. Designers are not hardwired for business.

read 544 times
9/21/2014 3:54:29 PM (last edit: 9/21/2014 3:54:29 PM)
show user profile  K u r a i
Thanks PS3D... I will give it a read.
Nice website.... alot of good stuff :)

read 541 times
9/21/2014 3:58:03 PM (last edit: 9/21/2014 3:58:03 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
2542 (in 1999) developer trying to, you know, your money. United Kingdom the United States still in this long queue and cycle Stocker steel prices you'll find at the same time.

Visit my Portfolio

read 532 times
9/21/2014 4:34:04 PM (last edit: 9/21/2014 4:34:04 PM)
show user profile  K u r a i
Sir Manfred.... I know your a Knight of the Old republic... but, you make no sense.

Are you reading my future in a crystal ball? Are you in communion with spirits?
It all sounds Nostrodamus to me.

read 524 times
9/21/2014 5:33:38 PM (last edit: 9/21/2014 5:33:38 PM)
show user profile  FX
Just get out there and do it...learn by your mistakes, I know they are frowned upon, and generally command very low wages, but crowdsourcing freelancing sites are a good place to start/find your design feet & collect clients.

If you can endure the confusing mess and your pride can handle the fact your rubbing shoulders with 10 dollar designers the rewards can be quite beneficial.

eg: I won a concept design contest that paid $500, I put in about a weeks work for it, after the contest I was hired at my hourly rate (currently £30) to refine and complete the design, think I earned around £3,000, not sure, accounting isn't something I do ;)

Best clients to have are most definitely other freelancers (not 3D ones), they know what the going rate is, and usually have a good client base themselves, any 3D work required your top of the list.

I started off charging £12 an hour, after 2 or 3 project wins I bumped it up to £30.,,seems to do for now.

Always be flexible with pricing and don't be scared to crank up the rates (learned that one from Strat), you'll be amazed what people are prepared to pay ;)

If a client insists on a fixed fee project, work out the costs and then double it, this covers all eventualities and inevitable changes, revisions and general pain in the ass client behaviour :)

Always ALWAYS! insist on an overrun/extra agreement ie: "yes I will do this work for you but reserve the right to bill you at an hourly rate for anything I deem extra".

It works for me so far... :)

Oh...and ovoid outsourcers like the plague, they are the scum of the earth.

edit: Once you have built up trust with a client asking for 50% up front isn't a problem, there's always a risk a client won't pay, but what the hell... it's all portfolio material.

Don't waste your energy if/when you get ripped off, just drop it and move on, it really isn't worth the stings a bit but firing "legal" emails around drains creativity, find out where they live and go round and kick the shit out of them instead :)

read 470 times
9/22/2014 11:03:11 AM (last edit: 9/22/2014 11:14:38 AM)
show user profile  K u r a i
Thanks for the advice, FX. Nice to find someone on the site that's older then me... makes me feel abit better. A big part of my fears about getting into CG is knowing I am competeing with wiz kids that are much faster than me. I have lots of design experience but people in the West seem to want speed.

I get up at 8am...have a black coffee and work till 1pm. After that I am done... just cannot do the 10hrs striaght I did when I was younger.

Anyway, thanks. Lots of good tips... I think 10 quid an hour sounds a good starting point.

read 456 times
9/22/2014 11:40:32 AM (last edit: 9/22/2014 11:40:32 AM)
show user profile  FX
Hehe, your not drinking enough coffee.....age is irrelevant.....I sometimes wake up on the landing outside the flat (strange how drink affects the ability to turn a key), drink copious amounts of Carte Noir strength 5...drink enough until you realize you've drunk too much (heart palpitations/panic attacks etc), then crack on with the design.

Exercise regularly, and take supplements, I run almost everyday, weight train 4-5 times a week, and have a punch bag in the corner to vent upon.

Seriously if your feeling the effects of age, fight it, I use:

Co-Enzyme Q10, Vitamin B complex, Ginseng, Kelp, Cider Vinegar, Lecithin, L-Glutamine, Creatine etc etc, basically a portable heath food store.

Just started looking into growth hormone and TRT, expensive but if you want to keep your game up a necessity.

Oh ....and moisturize daily :)

If your designs are good enough speed is irrelevant...actually ....never mind ;)

Clients who want quality will generally be prepared to wait as long as it takes, if they have a deadline do your best to push it as far away as possible, always have a list of "professional excuses" to hand ;)

edit: hope I don't come across as one of those "my body is a temple" knobs, I do it purely because women don't like beer belly's :)

read 450 times
9/22/2014 12:04:12 PM (last edit: 9/22/2014 12:27:20 PM)
show user profile  K u r a i
I used to play football on astroturf once a week. I live in Egypt. But, cos I am English the younger Egyptian lads feel they have to cripple me on every tackle to show how good they are... So I had to stop two years ago. I used to live for sport but that seems like a distant memory.

I used to run alot too. But now I just cannot do it unless I watch Rocky or Chariets of Fire first.

Coffee... I drink pure ground Italian Coffee. If I have more than one cup I cannot sleep at night.

Do you feel taking suppliments really work? If you get time please give a full list of recommended vits (only the most essential) and I will give them a go. Cannot get TRT but I will try the rest.

read 442 times
9/22/2014 12:35:53 PM (last edit: 9/22/2014 1:05:45 PM)
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