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Cat Rig - How do I bend the knee up by 45 degrees?
show user profile  luzarius
The Cat Rig won't let me bend the knee up in animation mode.

I"m trying to just select the knee and rotate it back like this:

Currently I have to use the foot platform which makes it very difficult to achieve a basic knee bend while keeping the thigh in place.
read 660 times
3/26/2016 12:23:02 AM (last edit: 3/26/2016 12:24:17 AM)
show user profile  Dave
You can toggle between IK and FK, I think it's in the motion tab with a bone selected.

If you want to use an IK solution (ie, grab foot and move it to raise/orient the leg) you will want to add an up node to the knee, (select the shin or thigh (I forget which) and you should see an option somewhere for adding an up node). This is essentially a controller object that's used to point a joint in a certain direction.

If you want to use FK though, well just switch it to FK and rotate the knee.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 644 times
3/26/2016 12:53:28 AM (last edit: 3/26/2016 12:53:28 AM)
show user profile  luzarius
Hi, thank you for your help. I'm having one problem though.

When I click the foot platform and enter FK mode. It rotates the thigh, ankle and toes in an odd way. This happens in both setup and animation mode.

I was hoping that switching between IK and FK won't cause the ankle and toe bones to bend in odd ways.

I'm using 3d studio max 2014.

read 633 times
3/26/2016 1:52:52 AM (last edit: 3/26/2016 1:52:52 AM)
show user profile  Dave
Yeah, I know what you're talking about but I don't remember why it happens really.

I know that when using IK, you will have IK points that don't get moved when using FK, which means when you move back to IK, the limbs will move to where those IK points are. I suppose the issue with switching to FK is the opposite of this.

Hopefully someone else knows what's up.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 625 times
3/26/2016 4:10:38 AM (last edit: 3/26/2016 4:10:38 AM)
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