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CAT animation CATmotion - syncing layers
show user profile  Wingman
I’m trying to make a “skipping along” cycle.
Something like in this video:

So here i have to lift the foot/knee twice during the cycle. first high, and while the knee is high, the other foot should leave the ground a little.
But the Lift control under PelvisGroup - Legs - FootPlatform has only three points.
Is there a way to add points so that i can make it lift twice on one cycle?
I would need 5 points for this. Or maybe 4 points if i could break up the tangents so that they aren’t “tangent”.
And if not: why? why can’t i add points to these controls?
btw i’m on max 2010.

I would animate the basic motion in CATMotion, as if there would be no second jump and the feet will remain on the ground and only lift up once. Then I would add a relative layer to animate everything that’s needed for the second jump, and go into detail. At the end you can connect the relative layer via TimeWarp to CATMotion so the cycles are matching all the time.

But they don't match as soon as i start changing the Stride Parameters. Or if i set walk mode to path Node. (Changing the path then indirectly changes the "Max Step Time")

Any ideas on how to sync these two CAT layers.

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11/3/2011 2:53:24 PM (last edit: 11/3/2011 2:53:24 PM)
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