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Cast your vote! Thanks =)
show user profile  Stianbl
Theres a competition going on here, at a Norwegian school of arts (not sure what to call it)

Anyways, it's 4 rounds, new pictures each round. No rules, no theme.

Thought I'd see how far I could get just for the fun of it, so I started uploading my syringes.
Next rounds will be jet engine, and some other stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to make something fresh and new, but full time work doing 3D kinda kills my motivation to keep playing around with 3D after work. For now. (as I'd like to spend some time with my GF too).

So, hit this link, VOTE, and share! Spread to everyone, just to get the vote ^^
1. Go here:
2. Hit "Gi din stemme" (cast your vote, it's the blue button with a thumb).
3 ... ?
4. Profit! =D

No registration or anything, just the push of a button. Thanks :)

[Share the link and get people to hit the vote button ;) Thanks a lot!]

read 1240 times
2/24/2011 8:08:52 AM (last edit: 3/18/2011 7:45:58 AM)
show user profile  albongino
Good luck, voted 51st

read 1234 times
2/24/2011 8:20:58 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 8:20:58 AM)
show user profile  Stianbl
Thanks mate :)
5 votes allowed per IP, so go bananas! ^^

read 1233 times
2/24/2011 8:31:22 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 8:31:22 AM)
show user profile  Pil
Voted number 52 and tried again.

But when I updated the browser it went back to 52 so....

read 1227 times
2/24/2011 8:52:02 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 8:52:02 AM)
show user profile  Stianbl
Thanks :)
I think you need several computers behind the same network to cast more votes. But it's still the same IP going out. Thanks for trying though! ^^

read 1220 times
2/24/2011 9:20:24 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 9:20:24 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Im am voter 54 and 55 :) (work and home)

read 1219 times
2/24/2011 9:21:56 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 9:21:56 AM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
56 here! :o)

read 1217 times
2/24/2011 9:23:26 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 9:23:26 AM)
show user profile  STRAT
58 at home
59 on ipod

(do you send me my prize in the post?)


read 1209 times
2/24/2011 9:38:22 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 9:38:52 AM)
show user profile  Stianbl
Sweet :)
Personally I dont like these kind of contests, because it only reflects how many people you can convince to push the vote button.. :P

There are some entries that I really like there, but there's lots of work I absolutely hate too :P

Here are the other entries, if you didn't figure it out:

Nr.2, 3, and 4 is utter shit in my opinion :P
And I love nr.6 =)

read 1203 times
2/24/2011 9:40:42 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 9:40:42 AM)
show user profile  Stianbl
The winner gets one commercial license of Maya or Max, depending on what he/she wants :)
I'll be sure to credit you guys if that would happen, but I don't see it happening just yet. But there are 4 individual rounds. before the judges casts their votes. :)

I'd love to come up with something new and creative, but I don't have time for it at the moment..

read 1202 times
2/24/2011 9:43:01 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 9:43:01 AM)
show user profile  markoid
I think the vote is stored by cookie or such. I just did 1 vote on IE, 1 on FF, and 1 on FF 4

read 1191 times
2/24/2011 10:04:26 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 10:05:39 AM)
show user profile  Stianbl
Haha, nice! Thanks :)

read 1170 times
2/24/2011 11:54:40 AM (last edit: 2/24/2011 11:54:40 AM)
show user profile  STRAT
yup. awesome discovery.

after deleting cookies on exit from IE, all you need do is re-open IE each time and vote a fresh. works a charm.

we'll soon have you overtaking the enemy dude!


read 1160 times
2/24/2011 12:28:51 PM (last edit: 2/24/2011 12:28:51 PM)
show user profile  Davious
80 and 81, with chrome and FF :)

" Difficult, yes. Impossible , no..."
read 1144 times
2/24/2011 12:59:23 PM (last edit: 2/24/2011 12:59:23 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
... as long as they aren't tracking IP address.

read 1140 times
2/24/2011 1:04:13 PM (last edit: 2/24/2011 1:04:13 PM)
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