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Blend toes orientation constrain
show user profile  Rawashdeh_omar
so I am following this tutorial for building a custom rig but my model have toes instead of 1 simple toe. I have 5 toes with 2 segment each. I added a helper point to constraint orientation of the toes to it, however I want to bend the rotation across the 2 segment of each toe. like if I rotate the point helper 30 degree the first segment will rotate 15 and the second will do 15 so the toes will be curved instead or them rotating as 1 rigged peace.

I know it is possible since CAT system has it with spine and ribcage bones (rotating the ribcage will divide the rotation among all spine bones)

what is the keyword or the name I will look for it, just need a simple direction.

thanx all for your time...
Thank for the help,

Edit: never mind... I just realized what i asked is soooo dump, in a whole new level.
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6/23/2015 6:23:32 PM (last edit: 6/23/2015 9:09:39 PM)
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