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Happy birthday to the GrotesMaster 5000
show user profile  9krausec
Today is someone's special day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! Remember you can no longer get piss drunk to celebrate as you are a family man. :D

- Portfolio-

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1/5/2017 4:15:00 PM (last edit: 1/5/2017 4:15:00 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
Bloody Welshies innit butt.

penblwydd hapus i ti boyo :)


read 464 times
1/5/2017 6:49:36 PM (last edit: 1/5/2017 6:49:36 PM)
show user profile  ccampbell
A meaningless gesture for the one who does not age!


$Entrepreneur = if((Designer + Engineer)*Programmer){Problem Solver};

read 452 times
1/5/2017 9:02:09 PM (last edit: 1/5/2017 9:02:09 PM)
show user profile  ijzerman
Have a good one!

Pushing buttons since "86
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1/6/2017 9:21:33 AM (last edit: 1/6/2017 9:21:33 AM)
show user profile  spoon
happy birthday grotey!

read 435 times
1/6/2017 3:26:44 PM (last edit: 1/6/2017 3:26:44 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Hope you had a good one matey!

Click here to send me an emailClick here to visit my websiteClick here to visit my photo gallery on Flickr

read 434 times
1/6/2017 3:32:35 PM (last edit: 1/6/2017 3:32:35 PM)
show user profile  chillywilson
The Sea Turtle swims another year.
read 412 times
1/7/2017 4:40:57 AM (last edit: 1/7/2017 4:40:57 AM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Happy swagday!

Visit my Portfolio

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1/7/2017 10:22:17 PM (last edit: 1/7/2017 10:22:17 PM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Thought I'd pay probably my first visit to maxforums in quite a few months and I find I'm still remembered enough to have my own birthday thread! Thanks guys :)
Very rarely even look at max anymore :'(
Doing woodwork as a hobby now.

read 289 times
2/11/2017 8:16:06 AM (last edit: 2/11/2017 8:16:45 AM)
show user profile  Error404
post up some of those wood working projects :) -

read 277 times
2/11/2017 4:18:02 PM (last edit: 2/11/2017 4:18:02 PM)
show user profile  3joez
Happy fronat!

read 272 times
2/11/2017 5:46:51 PM (last edit: 2/11/2017 5:46:51 PM)
show user profile  FX
Yes...let us see your wood.
read 266 times
2/11/2017 10:02:35 PM (last edit: 2/11/2017 10:02:35 PM)
show user profile  nemac
happy birthday
read 260 times
2/12/2017 1:47:33 AM (last edit: 2/12/2017 1:47:33 AM)
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