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BF3 Beta..
show user profile  ScotlandDave
I got a code for BF3 Beta 48hr trial for the xbox 360 - i`m drooling like a puppy while it downloads..

Probably buy the pc version when it comes out but stupidly excited about trying it out.

Just thought i`d share :)

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9/27/2011 8:34:59 PM (last edit: 9/27/2011 8:36:01 PM)
show user profile  toldaddy

open beta on the 29th. wewt

read 768 times
9/27/2011 8:39:09 PM (last edit: 9/27/2011 8:39:09 PM)
show user profile  spoon
"open" beta?

Yep, apparently it is!

read 763 times
9/27/2011 8:45:10 PM (last edit: 9/27/2011 8:45:17 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Wish I had a PC at home that was up to the task. I bought and never played BF2 because it sucks on my laptop (that's how crap it is).

Definitely need a new PC at home.

I love Battlefield games, but haven't had much time to play them since BF1942, which was awesome.

EDIT: Do you have to have "Origin" installed to play new EA games? I've got one constantly updating stuff games thingy already with Steam. I don't really want another one, especially after reading the TOS of Origin. Hmmm.

EDIT2: I'm guessing it's not on Steam. Shame.

read 761 times
9/27/2011 8:46:07 PM (last edit: 9/27/2011 8:51:50 PM)
show user profile  spoon
Nik, its so easy : push your pc of the desk (make sure it makes a hard landing)

There, now you actually DO need a new pc :)

read 751 times
9/27/2011 8:52:18 PM (last edit: 9/27/2011 8:52:18 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Ha ha ha! I've been tempted. The screen and keyboard have stopped working, half the USB ports have died. It doesn't always turn on, and the battery only lasts 15 minutes. It's a dual-core poo-poo with ATI on-board graphics. Woot.

read 748 times
9/27/2011 8:55:14 PM (last edit: 9/27/2011 8:55:14 PM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
I got it through email from EA as i`d bought the MedalOfHonor LimitedEdition - thought it was cos i`d got vip codes with BF2..

Kids homework finished shortly, coffee at the ready then i`m going in :)

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read 737 times
9/27/2011 9:36:20 PM (last edit: 9/27/2011 9:36:20 PM)
show user profile  owtdor
I love the Battlefield series. I even worked on a mod for Battlefield 1942 called "Operation Anubis" while I was in school. Many of my classmates are now working for game companies.

read 731 times
9/27/2011 9:38:54 PM (last edit: 9/27/2011 9:38:54 PM)
show user profile  twitt
After playing the Alpha and now the Beta, I have now canceled my pre-order xD
Even on the lowest graphics settings it runs only 20-30fps.
I will wait until I upgrade next year :P

read 687 times
9/28/2011 10:02:04 AM (last edit: 9/28/2011 10:02:04 AM)
show user profile  Octopuzzy
I suspect my gfx card is too shit so I'll probably give it a pass even though i worked on it.
Oh and since my Dice contract ran out, I'm available for work, spread the word! ;]

read 681 times
9/28/2011 10:36:55 AM (last edit: 9/28/2011 10:36:55 AM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
Well it`s certainly a different game from bc1+2, visually more so. Not sure if i think it`s a step forward tbh, although i`ve only played the city/urban map which is not usual battlefield territory. The hud overlays seem huge and take up too much space ( poss just as its beta ), it`s sometimes difficult to mark out friendly`s as the green player tags seem weirdly offset from the players, and the characters don`t look quite as nice imo.. The engine/graphics seem more glitchy than before, less transparent ( could be as a result of downscaling from pc-based development to console ). The menu systems etc seem a bit crass, and the use of deliberate visual glitching/signal-loss type effects to me seems way overdone..

Pretty hasty overview though, as i didn`t play for too long, and that being said i didn`t much like the bc2 demo when i played it either :)

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read 663 times
9/28/2011 1:19:10 PM (last edit: 9/28/2011 1:19:10 PM)
show user profile  GirishDJoshi
Nik - How old is your pc

3D ArchVis


Girish Joshi Photography

read 653 times
9/28/2011 2:42:22 PM (last edit: 9/28/2011 2:42:22 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Girish, it's probably coming up for it's third or fourth birthday now. I really need to save up for a new one. I've got games I bought that I've never been able to play on it (and it's pretty useless for any serious Max work).

read 650 times
9/28/2011 2:50:32 PM (last edit: 9/28/2011 2:50:32 PM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
Just played some more :) It`s got a ton of bugs, things like dead bodies slowly sliding across the ground, some menu items not responding first time ( have to press two or three times ), `accept revive` option not disappearing after respawn, `hold b to arm` not disappearing after getting killed at objective and respawning, putting bullets into an enemy only to get shot/killed and their health shows up as 100%, after game sometimes shows game duration as 00:00.. A ton of things that to me shouldn`t have made it thru to public beta..

Good fun though :)

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read 644 times
9/28/2011 3:06:13 PM (last edit: 9/28/2011 3:06:39 PM)
show user profile  spoon
I would say thats quite normal. I've played all battlefield games except 2142, and every single BF game was buggy when first released. It usually takes a couple of months before everything is silky smooth.

read 638 times
9/28/2011 3:13:08 PM (last edit: 9/28/2011 3:13:08 PM)
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