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Begginger question: creating pollygones from verts
show user profile  yukonmadman
hey, I'm used to modeling in blender, were I can select 4 verts or edges and hit a button to create a face between them. how would i do that in max 7?
read 634 times
3/20/2009 3:09:09 PM (last edit: 3/20/2009 3:09:09 PM)
show user profile  horizon
Go into polygon sub-object mode, select create from the rollout, click on every vert you want to connect your poly to. Click twice on the last one.

Or you can select edges and press cap.

read 621 times
3/20/2009 4:04:12 PM (last edit: 3/20/2009 4:04:12 PM)
show user profile  yukonmadman
thank you
read 546 times
3/29/2009 8:48:05 PM (last edit: 3/29/2009 8:48:05 PM)
show user profile  Setherial

install the cspolytools script (it's free and I have it for Max 9, dunno about higher versions) and you can just select all verts at once, press the shortcut and tada, you've got your poly. No selecting vert by vert crap. Who comes up with that anyway.
read 524 times
3/30/2009 2:12:08 AM (last edit: 3/30/2009 2:12:42 AM)
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