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Battle School
show user profile  peteyslatts
Sorry if this is getting annoying but like I said I lost all of my old models when we reset the computer due to viruses.

I don't know if anyone here has heard of it but I have recently read a book called Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card, for the third time (once in 2006 and twice in the last three days lol), and I still love it.

If you haven't read it you should it's incredible.

I went online to look for some concept art for the book and found next to none and decided I would like to do some thing that was simple from the point that there is no description in the book and only two other views from other people, but challenging in the idea that it requires a lot of detail.

The only thing I really have to go by is that the floor always slants up no matter how you look at it and that it spins to give the illusion of gravity.
I am planning on doing the inside as well
I know that it has ladders and poles to go from floor to floor.
I know that there is a workout room that has greater gravity than the rest of the station and I can't think of if that would be in the center or the outside edge.
There also needs to be an area for ships of recruits to come in.
The last thing I know is that there is a portion, I am guessing a cylinder like area that does not spin, which forms the battle area and has (I think) 8 rotating battle rooms.

I am working on sketches right now but any ideas would be helpful.

My Site
read 883 times
4/20/2008 4:17:51 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 4:17:51 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Erm, what?

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 835 times
4/20/2008 6:17:39 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 6:17:39 PM)
show user profile  horizon
tl ; dr :P

On the serious side... I can't expect people that haven't read the book would be much of a help on ideas....make something and post it, maybe we can at least comment on that

read 831 times
4/20/2008 6:21:58 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 6:21:58 PM)
show user profile  moonraker808
I read enders game, it was suggested to me by a freind; interesting concept I liked the visualizations at times, however the plot got caught up in the end; but the end of the story had a good moral although slightly depressing.

So have a go at it, and i'll give all the feedback I can.

read 813 times
4/20/2008 10:35:25 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 10:35:25 PM)
show user profile  peteyslatts
I have done some basic shapes of the battle school
These are not final
Also, I do have sketches but I don't have a scanner so I'll have to wait until my dad can go to his office to scan them in
Here are the pictures
The Whole Thing
The Adult Wheel
The School
The Technical/Entrance Wheel

The School part and the Adult part will share the battle wheel section which I am still working on
The Technical wheel will have it's own 0G center wheel and a way of getting in that requires a complicated airlock, but it's all in the sketches which were very difficult cause I have to draw them in 3D to show everything

My Site
read 758 times
4/21/2008 2:41:05 PM (last edit: 4/21/2008 2:41:05 PM)
show user profile  click here
don't forget to smooth

February 21st 2006. My first day using max.
Everyone likes it sugarcoated, but that doesn't make it the best way to take it.

Join my folding group.

read 743 times
4/21/2008 3:04:18 PM (last edit: 4/21/2008 3:04:18 PM)
show user profile  peteyslatts
I have done the central tube
It holds the battle rooms, and the teachers battle control room
here's what I have
The whole thing

A battle room
My Site
read 726 times
4/21/2008 3:56:32 PM (last edit: 4/21/2008 3:56:32 PM)
show user profile  peteyslatts
I haven't done anything
I was takin a break and I made a sig in Gimp
I'm testin it here
edit: Ill make it smaller
My Site
read 713 times
4/21/2008 4:48:04 PM (last edit: 4/21/2008 5:50:26 PM)
show user profile  Dave
I think this project may be a little too ambitious. I speak from experience when I say that you should focus on something smaller... perhaps just one area that you liked, and make that completely bad ass. Rather than focusing on what is essentially a ginormous level, and having it all look mediocre.

Even doing something like one room can take a great deal of time to get looking fantastic, you might not think it does, but I speak only the truth here. And you can't use "learning experience" as an excuse either! ;), seriously... smaller project, prettier results.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 664 times
4/22/2008 4:45:53 AM (last edit: 4/22/2008 4:57:34 AM)
show user profile  Westcoast13
"Even doing something like one room can take a great deal of time to get looking fantastic" - You surely do speak the truth there!!!

I'd actually say - Even doing something like one room can take a great deal of time to get looking mediocre!

My Turbosquid Area

read 658 times
4/22/2008 4:51:49 AM (last edit: 4/22/2008 4:51:49 AM)
show user profile  peteyslatts
I was planning on making this over a long period of time so that whenI get my laptop I can use this for something really cool in my website.
I am going to try doing this but I will focus on making the Battle Room badass.

My Site
read 618 times
4/22/2008 11:54:39 AM (last edit: 4/22/2008 11:54:39 AM)
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