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Backburner rendering too slow
show user profile  heimdall

I got this problem when rendering a short animation with 3ds Max Design 2009 & Backburner 2008.1 on a 2-computer farm :

When rendering a 50 frames .tga files, the 2 computers render alternatively 25 frames each. It takes 35sec/frame for the fastest computer and 40sec/frame for the slowest computer.

The actual problem is that when I render the 50 frames individualy on each computer ( not on the network) it takes 10sec/frame for the fastest machine and 17sec/frame if i render all the frames on the slowest machine.

Otherwise everything seems to work just fine, with no errors on installation or on monitor.exe.

Is this normal?
If I render the 50 frames on the farm it takes 1875sec
If I render the 50 frames only on the fastest machine it takes 500sec
If I render the 50 frames only on the slowest machine it takes 850sec.

thank you.

ps. I am using motherboards with buit in networking (1Gb/s) instead of PCI network adapter cards, but I don't think that could be the problem...
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8/1/2009 7:01:16 AM (last edit: 8/1/2009 7:01:16 AM)
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