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Backburner 2014 Server can't find Manager
show user profile  tannerjohnso1
I've come here often for IT issues but this is my first post on this site.

I recently got a BOXX Apexx 4 workstation and a RenderPro set up at work. They both work great but getting Backburner to find the manager on the workstation is getting to be troublesome. I applied the Microsoft Fixit 50410 ( and that fixed the first issue with the Manager. I applied the same Fix to the RenderPro however it will either provide the Error 0x2746 "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." and "Could not find host. Will keep trying..."

I've tried to change the UAC settings - though the second from the top is the lowest setting I can choose. I've ran both the Manager and Server as Admin, tried changing the Server General Settings to Automatic Search and also tried several subnet masks and IP addresses from the workstation and Manager. Nothing is working.

I haven't changed anything else, everything is still default settings. I've tried following Morne Erasmus' strategy on CG Architect and though I didn't receive error 0x2764, they still didnt successfully communicate ( Despite Windows Firewall not being activated within our company, I did create rules on both machines to open ports 3233 and 3234.

Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated as I will require the network rendering soon.

2x Xeon E5-2630 v3 @ 2.4GHz (8 core)
Nvidia Quadro K4200 4GB
240SSD + 1TB HDD
3ds Max Design 2013/2014
read 1122 times
7/14/2015 10:26:10 PM (last edit: 7/14/2015 10:28:27 PM)
show user profile  msimecek
have you restarted the manager?
read 1109 times
7/15/2015 12:34:06 AM (last edit: 7/15/2015 12:34:06 AM)
show user profile  ijzerman
Have you disabled ipv6? What happens when you connect the server to the ip adres of the manager instead of using auto connect or the subnetmask thingy? Are you on the same network within the same ip range?

Pushing buttons since "86
read 1094 times
7/15/2015 8:47:56 AM (last edit: 7/15/2015 8:48:12 AM)
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