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Avatar trailer
show user profile  disealboy

read 729 times
8/20/2009 8:52:15 PM (last edit: 8/20/2009 8:52:15 PM)
show user profile  Joey Parker Jr.
Wow the faces are freaky! Looks excellent.
Thanks for sharing the news.
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read 717 times
8/20/2009 9:05:30 PM (last edit: 8/20/2009 9:05:30 PM)
show user profile  LoyHogg
Saw it last night and downloaded the 1080p one :)

Brilliant stuff. I hope its as cool as the titanic.
read 707 times
8/20/2009 9:35:02 PM (last edit: 8/20/2009 9:35:02 PM)
show user profile  mattymoose
Whoa. Justed watched the 720 trailer, now I need to watch it again frame by frame at 1080. I can not wait to get baked off my gourd and see this in stereoscopic 3d.

....characters kind of look like they were designed by a furry, though. I'm just saying...

read 704 times
8/20/2009 9:43:39 PM (last edit: 8/20/2009 10:00:24 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
It looks interesting and weird.

Whats with the nightelfs in the fishtanks?

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read 657 times
8/21/2009 7:21:52 AM (last edit: 8/21/2009 7:21:52 AM)
show user profile  Jollabollathan
It certainly looks fancy but those characters remind me of Delgo. I don't really see how you can spend so long and so much on a film and settle for designs like that.

Also the creature at 1:24 looks pretty unimpressive.

That said, I couldn't tell the Na'vi were CGI.

read 638 times
8/21/2009 8:10:28 AM (last edit: 8/21/2009 8:31:25 AM)
show user profile  Mad-Dog-Bomber
Here is our game footage were working on atm, Im on the Wii version too :P

read 608 times
8/21/2009 9:51:38 AM (last edit: 8/21/2009 9:51:38 AM)
show user profile  mattymoose
That game was probably lots of fun to work on.

Looks like Joballathon wasn't the first person to think of Delgo (actually, it may have crossed my mind as well)

read 560 times
8/21/2009 9:29:08 PM (last edit: 8/21/2009 9:29:08 PM)
show user profile  Jollabollathan
^-- Hahahahaha! Awesome.

read 541 times
8/22/2009 4:48:11 AM (last edit: 8/22/2009 4:48:11 AM)
show user profile  Kajico
Papyrus :|

(\/) (°,,,°) (\/) Woop woop woop!

read 536 times
8/22/2009 5:09:32 AM (last edit: 8/22/2009 5:09:32 AM)
show user profile  zandernice
I saw the sneak peak twenty minutes of Avatar at IMAX in 3d last night in hollywood. Really impressive stuff - I don't think that trailer does it justice. It looks really great - I cant wait to see it

read 491 times
8/22/2009 6:26:23 PM (last edit: 8/22/2009 6:26:23 PM)
show user profile  disealboy
i saw the same thing zander. Its a lot different on the big screen in 3d. I hope the movie does not have to rely on the 3d technology tho.

read 478 times
8/22/2009 7:05:25 PM (last edit: 8/22/2009 7:05:25 PM)
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