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Autodesk to stop upgrading 3dsmax?
show user profile  Cloak
Anyone heard this yet?

I can't say it's a surprise with the acquisitions Autodesk has made over the past 10 years, but to assert that the user base for 3dsmax doesn't justify upgrades for games and vfx strikes me as really short-sighted. Please someone debunk this as a bad post-siggraph dream.

read 1361 times
9/4/2012 2:02:34 AM (last edit: 9/4/2012 2:02:34 AM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
didnt they do that 2 years ago anyway?

read 1358 times
9/4/2012 2:06:58 AM (last edit: 9/4/2012 2:06:58 AM)
show user profile  advance-software
the next version is in beta so it hasn't died yet.
read 1356 times
9/4/2012 2:12:21 AM (last edit: 9/4/2012 2:12:21 AM)
show user profile  reeves1984
Thing is, it may seem silly to stop releasing a well used (but underdeveloped) app. But realistically most of the users, and only importantly to them, COMPANY's and pros will mostly switch to a different AD product so not such an issue for AD

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 1278 times
9/4/2012 12:27:19 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 12:27:19 PM)
show user profile  reeves1984
also other sources suggest that it's all bollocks

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 1277 times
9/4/2012 12:27:44 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 2:30:02 PM)
show user profile  Weetabix

read 1272 times
9/4/2012 12:40:37 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 12:40:37 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
Well... Hello Maya?... When Autodesk bought Maya did it have a larger user base than 3ds Max? I find it sort of odd they would buy software, develop it more than their own software, then fizzle out 3ds in favor for Maya which they didn't originate with..

- Portfolio-

read 1262 times
9/4/2012 1:08:11 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 1:08:11 PM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
9krausec yeh indeed, but that`s assuming they have any sort of loyalty or purpose whatsoever other than to generate greater profit margins for shareholders..

Does Max 10 run on Win7 ??

Better they left Max alone in the first place rather than killing it off performance wise and then abandoning it.. It`s genuinely saddening as i used to enjoy Max it`s kinda where it began for me and many others..

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read 1256 times
9/4/2012 1:15:49 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 1:16:11 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
I've suspected this all along.
They have with every update of both Maya and Max drifted Maya more towards Animation and Max more towards Modeling.
It was almost obvious from the start.
They don't need two softwares to compete with each other. What they want is to have two softwares to complete each other.
So basically: Less modeling and more animating on Maya. More modeling and less animating on Max.
I don't expect Max to be entirely discarded in the first place.

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read 1252 times
9/4/2012 1:22:49 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 1:22:49 PM)
show user profile  Weetabix
So, if you want to model and animate, you need to buy the suite.

read 1246 times
9/4/2012 1:31:19 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 1:31:19 PM)
show user profile  DannyMax
I just read the info from Chris Vienneau from the link reeves1984 posted above and it seems the rumors are false or am I missing someting ?

read 1243 times
9/4/2012 1:33:48 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 1:33:48 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Weetabix: Exactly. It's all part of their divine plan to make MOEAR MONNEAYs!

Visit my Portfolio

read 1242 times
9/4/2012 1:33:57 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 1:34:22 PM)
show user profile  mike_renouf
Surely this doesn't make any sense -

The rumours suggest that AD will stop developing max. The discussion suggests that this is to get people to buy the full suite including maya for animation purposes and max for modelling purposes.

The suite would therefore have to include max. Which would suggest that max still has a future (albeit with emphasis on an altered/limited feature set). That kind of contradicts the rumour that it will stop development.

read 1217 times
9/4/2012 2:19:19 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 2:19:19 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
I honestly don't know why the hell AD doesn't just merge Maya and 3ds Max into a fully functioning bad ass.... I would rather they do that, charge a bit more for it then have the users jump around between 3 different softwares to do things that one software should be able to do.

I know it's a money ploy, but still, it's super lame.. What happens to the people that bought a 1k+ license for Vray (or another render engine for 3ds Max)?? It's a given that a lot of 3ds max functionality is derived from plug-in support from 3rd parties. Seems like 3ds max users are getting the short end of the stick since AD seems to favor maya development more-so than 3ds (my 2 cents from my limited knowledge of maya).


- Portfolio-

read 1185 times
9/4/2012 4:47:06 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 4:47:06 PM)
show user profile  Weetabix
9krausec, can you imagine the mess they'd make of MayAX?

read 1183 times
9/4/2012 4:48:45 PM (last edit: 9/4/2012 4:48:45 PM)
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