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autodesk call centres UK
show user profile  zeefusion
is there such a place? i would like technical support and wondered if autodesk offer a phone support service within the UK?

its a .net instal issue with version 2009 and i am trying to determine the problem and see if autodesk has had this issue with any one else who has tried to instal max 2009. basically it wont instal due to an error with the .net installer. and it screws up max 2008 which is currently installed to point where there is no UI and no dll's work.
read 590 times
4/14/2008 9:18:36 AM (last edit: 4/15/2008 4:57:39 AM)
show user profile  zeefusion
if any one ever runs in to the .net problem when installing max 2009, you need to wipe all traces of .net on your system run a clean up and re install all versions. then it works :) as i have painfully just found out after almost a week of trying to solve it.

link for more information can be found here

read 517 times
4/15/2008 4:57:10 AM (last edit: 4/15/2008 4:57:10 AM)
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