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Attach Spot/Direct/Photometric Light together?
show user profile  Speedy
It may sound silly but hope there is a way. Is there a way You can attach Max's light source together just like attaching multiple objects under EP/EM rollouts.

Here for example --- I have 4 photometric lights in the scene... They all have same multipliers, settings and everything. Now If I decide to turn them off, I ll have to activate each one of them to turn them all off. So i Thought if attaching all 4 into one I can simply activate one and turn on/off if I want to.

Hoping its possible.... if it is.. can someone give pointer how I could achieve this?
read 518 times
4/25/2008 11:31:43 AM (last edit: 4/25/2008 11:31:43 AM)
show user profile  Duders
"Ctrl+L switches of you lights and go back to max default 2 point lighting.
Hitting it again will switch back to your own lights."

From the '101 Things you didnt know in Max...' thread

read 513 times
4/25/2008 11:37:58 AM (last edit: 4/25/2008 11:38:23 AM)
show user profile  Speedy

I think you misunderstood or perhaps I wasn't clear at the first post... wasn't talking about settings for viewports. (CTRL+L) like you suggested

I am talking about attaching more than on lights together ( four into one) just like 15 spheres into one so that I can select once. then I can go into rollout have all 4 turn off once too.
read 503 times
4/25/2008 11:50:52 AM (last edit: 4/25/2008 11:54:32 AM)
show user profile  Duders
Oh ok, sorry. Um grouping then? you wont be able to edit the properties of different types of lights at once, but you'll be able to move them together.

read 499 times
4/25/2008 11:53:53 AM (last edit: 4/25/2008 11:53:53 AM)
show user profile  Speedy
Well Grouping or attaching it to dummy Is what I thought, but it only moves them around.. and yet I don't need them to be moved. I just want them 4 attached together, turn off/on simultaneously. It would be suck if Max doesn't have attaching lights features
read 495 times
4/25/2008 11:57:44 AM (last edit: 4/25/2008 11:59:00 AM)
show user profile  Dave
There's a light lister. Tools > Light Lister. You'll still have to tick them off individually, but it's far quicker. And for just 4 lights... not really a problem.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 494 times
4/25/2008 11:57:55 AM (last edit: 4/25/2008 11:58:35 AM)
show user profile  Animated Mesh
this may be stupid, as I haven't tried it but if they are EXACTLY the same..and they are instanced instead of copied..couldn't turning one off turn them all off?

like it said.. it might not work that way but then again...

read 485 times
4/25/2008 12:01:33 PM (last edit: 4/25/2008 12:01:33 PM)
show user profile  Speedy
Dave Thanks for pointer... Never thought about Light lister... Thanks for pointers. I wished that would have included in layers too.
read 483 times
4/25/2008 12:02:34 PM (last edit: 4/25/2008 12:02:34 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Actually, yeah AM is right... delete 3 of your lights, then clone the original 3 times as instances. Switching one switches them all.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 481 times
4/25/2008 12:02:40 PM (last edit: 4/25/2008 12:02:40 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
if they are all the same why arent they instances??

that way in the light lister or in the properties of any light in the instance group, all lights can be modified or turned on and off by just one click.

and if you wish to make a light unique at a later stage you can right click the light in the modifier stack and select make unique.

ediit* HA HA i replyed at the same time!

read 480 times
4/25/2008 12:02:48 PM (last edit: 4/25/2008 12:03:22 PM)
show user profile  Speedy
Haha Animated mesh... Unbelieveable -- It works.

Why Didnt I thought of it at first :) THANK YOU!

Zeefusion -- if you were gonna tell me samething Thanks anyway.

read 474 times
4/25/2008 12:04:21 PM (last edit: 4/25/2008 12:05:53 PM)
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