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ATI vs Nvidia
show user profile  donvella
Hey guys, Ive unfortunately had my laptop blow up on me and i think its time to buy a desktop workstation. Ive pretty much got everything covered besides the graphics card. Im having trouble choosing between the HD5850 1GB and the 1GB 285GTX. Ive seen some specs on some websites saying that the ATI is much faster however every review I read about ati just gives me doubts about it. I need it for max, compositing, interactive engines and games.

Im trying to keep the budget down but i would rather a card thats going to work all the time than something that might crash in certain programs or has been known to have problems. (the gtx goes for $478 and the hd $380) in Aus.

Anyone with experience with ATI cards please feel free to give me an insight into how it runs for you. Cheers

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3/23/2010 5:48:27 AM (last edit: 3/23/2010 5:49:25 AM)
show user profile  gogodr
I'm an nVidia fanboy
and I am currently waiting to the release of the new GF100 cards.

Hello there

beautiful ;3

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3/23/2010 6:07:24 AM (last edit: 3/23/2010 6:07:24 AM)
show user profile  Poopsmith
4 more days!
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3/23/2010 7:10:38 AM (last edit: 3/23/2010 7:10:38 AM)
show user profile  MONOLITH02
I've used both makes and I have to say that ATI is the clear winner for me. I'm currently using a Radeon 4890 and it runs Max absolutely fine. I was using an nVidia 8800GTX until a year ago and that card completely died after two years of use (not really acceptable in my eyes). At work we have several machines with Quadro FX cards and they don't run anywhere near as quick as my 4890. They are at the lower end of the Quadro range and they have been plagued with driver issues causing the machines to crash.

I've not once had a problem with an ATI card in the past. I've been using them on and off since the old Radeon 9800 pro and they have been fine.

You will probably read alot of contradicting reports as to which is more reliable, but you have to remember which ever you go on, people are far more likely to post the negatives about a product on the internet than the positives (again in my opinion).

"The only thing worse than failure is the regret at having never tried."

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3/23/2010 7:48:51 AM (last edit: 3/23/2010 7:48:51 AM)
show user profile  soontekk
i have been screwed by ati in the past many times (buggy firegl cards, loss of $2500 etc) and nvidia has treated me well over the years
looking forward to the new cards and further cuda/physx development

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3/23/2010 10:10:40 AM (last edit: 3/23/2010 10:10:40 AM)
show user profile  Philbert
I would favour Nvidia from experience.
My work PC came with an ATI card and I had issues with the drivers for about 9 months before I finally (fingers crossed) got it sorted so After Effects didnt keep crashing the display.
Now I have solved the driver issues the ATI is fine.

I would say that reliability / drivers are noticably more important than a few extra fps performance.
Neither ATI or NVIDIA have perfect records and I dont know who is flavour of the month right now, I get the impression that Nvidia had the better long term reputation.

If you have seen reports of the ATI card being unstable than I would take them seriously and steer clear.

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3/23/2010 10:48:33 AM (last edit: 3/23/2010 10:48:33 AM)
show user profile  joelr
from my experience with firegl & quadro card, the firegl tend to be a bit more powerfull (on the same level cards), but they usually have much more driver issues.
i have been having big problems with the ati 3dsmax driver, and when i called ati support up the guys there didnt even know what i was talking about.

anyway, now im using a firegl 5600 (i use the pro cards because i do cad work), guess my next buy will be a quardo.

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3/23/2010 11:06:11 AM (last edit: 3/23/2010 11:06:32 AM)
show user profile  reeves1984
I thought everyone disliked ATI

I just dislike gfx cards in general though, the benefit doesn't get near the cost for me (higher end game cards or work ones)

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3/23/2010 1:49:17 PM (last edit: 3/23/2010 1:49:17 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
I like ATI (AMD). Got quite a few friends who work there.

I love graphics cards cause I can do cool stuff with them.

DX11 class hardware from either vendor should work well with max.

If you have any issues with latest drivers from either vendor, submit a bug report.
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3/23/2010 2:00:34 PM (last edit: 3/23/2010 2:10:51 PM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss
Just switched from nvidia to ATI and no problems here.

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3/23/2010 2:07:27 PM (last edit: 3/23/2010 2:07:27 PM)
show user profile  StevegeK
Usedto be a NVIDIA fan. however after trying 2 cards in my new rig I couldn't get them to work. The pc store dude couldnt either. All games/apps would crash after 5 min.

Got an ATI card: solved all problems. Think it was the cooling...

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3/23/2010 7:25:22 PM (last edit: 3/23/2010 7:25:22 PM)
show user profile  FreekOne
I'm an nVidia fanboi too, but not the stuckup kind so I have no problem in admitting that ATI has gone well in front of nVidia recently. I did have some problems with ATI cards at past workplaces and that's what drove me towards nVidia which has served me well -- so well in fact, that my old Asus built 6800 card died on me after almost 5 years of near 80% uptime.

I will build a new machine in the near future and I will put my current 9800 GT on it until I'll have more money to invest in it. At that point, if nVidia still hasn't caught up with ATI, I'll definitely go for an ATI card. Afterall, I'm paying for performance, not for some corporation logo. Still haven't given up on nVidia tho, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them.
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3/23/2010 10:23:07 PM (last edit: 3/23/2010 10:23:07 PM)
show user profile  Jimboliah
2x 3dfx Voodoo 2's SLI FTW!!!
read 714 times
3/23/2010 11:20:47 PM (last edit: 3/23/2010 11:20:47 PM)
show user profile  parkerfamily
as i've seen, physx and CUDA are great, but if you can get physx running on ati like i did and you don't have a use for CUDA, ATI will give you more power for your money and as long as none of your other parts suck, neither are all too likely to fail. (unless you use those "workstation cards".... they're optimized for cad, not max/maya and actual... you know... operating systems)
read 702 times
3/24/2010 2:35:16 AM (last edit: 3/24/2010 2:35:16 AM)
show user profile  tuna
ATI have almost always had the better hardware, and much worse drivers. I stick to Nvidia cards because it means I can actually run my software. Although I think Max is pretty much the only application that doesn't have glaring issues with ATI.
read 692 times
3/24/2010 3:22:44 AM (last edit: 3/24/2010 3:22:44 AM)
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